More of the “Trump Effect;” It’s Okay to be a Crude and Vicious Bully

Trump has changed America. Sadly, he brings out the worst of our nation. What I call “the Trump Effect” removed dignity, respect, self-respect, and intelligence from the description of “an American.” A typical Trump supporter is arrogant, unforgiving, angry, filled with hatred, and probably owns an assault rifle. Trump’s cult is composed of bullies who scream about their “Constitutional Rights” while denying the rights of others.

Let’s look at another example of the Trump Effect which happened a couple of days ago at a Sesame Street theme park in Levittown, PA, northeast of Philadelphia. 

A seventeen year old employee of the park noticed a couple not wearing masks. When he asked them to follow the rules and cover their nose and mouth, he was punched in the face. The young man was taken to the hospital where he had a tooth removed and the damage to his jaw required two surgeries. After assaulting another employee who attempted to help, the bully and his female companion ran from the park. But, they did not get away.

Because he was known for previous violent actions, Troy McCoy, 39, was arrested, and his female companion, Shakeera Bonds, 31, turned herself in. The following was a report of the capture of this bully.

“New York police asked the Marshals for help because McCoy had a history of violent interactions with authorities, police told When federal agents showed up at his Bronx residence on Wednesday morning, (Troy) McCoy refused to come out. Agents eventually burst in and used a Taser on him, Middletown Township Police Lt. Steve Forman told the site.”

It’s difficult for me to understand that ‘masks’ remain an issue. Only those with low intelligence, like your illegitimate president, continue to doubt the effectiveness of face masks in lowering the infection rate of the coronavirus.At least one writer who covered this story claimed that the underlying cause for this incident was the result of mental effects from the pandemic. The truth is this is just another example of being a supporter of Donald John Trump. For five years he has encouraged emotions of anger and hatred from his supporters and suggests violence as a reasonable reaction.

A “GoFundMe” page has been posted to pay for the young man’s medical expenses. However, nothing will be done for the mental damage caused by such an unprovoked attack. Bullies, like Trump, can damage an individual or a nation for years and in some cases a lifetime.

Most Americans did not watch the Democratic Convention this week. They missed inspirational speeches, by Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Barrack Obama, and presidential candidate, Joe Biden. They were far different from the trash coming from Trump’s “pie hole.” No personal attacks, just facts and a promise for the return of America’s dignity and respect. They talked about issues not addressed by Trump or his administration over the last four years.

Trump created a trade war with the world’s second largest economy, bankrupted America by reducing tax rates for the wealthiest individuals and companies several times, and in 2019 our nation’s largest corporations, including Amazon and Walmart, paid zero dollars in taxes. When Trump was advised that a worldwide health crisis was eminent, for months he claimed that it would “just go away.”

The American people are desperate for leadership. Great intelligence combined with common sense is required from the woman or man who resides in the White House. That’s not Donald John Trump.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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