How Trump’s Illegitimate Presidency has Exposed Today’s Republican Party in Name Only

Over the last 40 years, the political party which calls itself “Republican” has been conning the American voter. Beginning with Reagan’s administration, the once Grand Old Party ceased representing the working class and placed itself in control of the super-rich and other special interests.

As reported in the “Daily Kos:” [The obvious answer to “Is the Republican Party just one big scam?” is “Yes,” since the modern Republican Party and its Fox News infrastructure exists just to convince ordinary people that handing over billions more to billionaires is the Real American Way. But in a more specific sense … is it all just tacky fraud and scams all the way down?]

Republican voters have been in denial. Since 1986 Fox News has acted as a propaganda machine for Republicans and their owners. Lies, misdirection, and conspiracy theories fill the airways 24 hours a day in an obvious attempt to brainwash the American people. Sadly, millions of Americans choose to be ignorant.

Today, former Trump campaign manager and White House adviser, Steve Bannon, was charged with fraud in a New York court. I have honestly lost count of the number of men and women who were associates of Donald John Trump and are now convicted felons.

The truth is that Trump’s illegitimate presidency, aided by Moscow Mitch McConnell, has exposed today’s Republican Party in name only for what it is; a fraud. The list of billionaires who support right-wing politicians is long. They buy votes through the use of lobbies. Today more than 350 bills, passed by the House since 2018 are sitting on Moscow Mitch’s desk. He has refused to allow a vote on one of them on the floor of the senate because they would serve the needs and wishes of every working man and woman in America.

Today Moscow Mitch is the reason a second stimulus package has been delayed or possibly voided entirely. Fact: if this was 2008 and Wall Street Bankers and large corporations sought bailout money, Moscow Mitch would have halted the summer recess, or called all 100 senators back from their break to approve more money for the wealthy. To the working class and small businesses, these Republicans in name only are offering only their middle fingers.

Beginning with Reagan, every “Republican” president used the same fiscal policy. Reagan called it “supply side economics,” but honest men called it what it is; “trickle down economics.” Reagan lied as he claimed that the wealthy were ‘job creators,’ and the more money they had, the more jobs would be available to the American people. In 1989, when Reagan left office, unemployment was in double digits, and the national debt was nearing one-trillion dollars.

Trump is bankrupting America and his failed “give the money to the rich” policies are adding more than one-trillion dollars to the national debt each year. Trump us using 16 million dollars of taxpayer money each month to live the life of a true billionaire. Trump is your Republican Party.

A final note to my Republican friends. The party which calls themselves “Republicans” today have not served you for at least 40 years. Like Trump, they promise you the world during elections, and ignore those promises when elected. They serve large corporations, billionaires, the NRA gun Lobby, and the Christian Religious Right.

By the way, the CRR are not Christians, they are millionaires who are protecting the fact that they pay no taxes although they own mansions, luxury automobiles, and even private airplanes. They have the arrogance to stand before you in their churches and tell you how to worship your god by giving them more money in the collection plate.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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