How Deep into Organized Crime is Trump and his Klan?

On Thursday, ‘Forbes’ published this headline.
Just days before the finalized report from the Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin during the 2016 election. This demands one questions: “How extensive are Trump’s Russian connections, and how deep into organized crime is the Trump Klan?” Some names associated with Trump and Trump enterprises, and their criminal enterprises.
Felix Sater: After spending 15 months in prison for assault, Sater he plead guilty to racketeering charges and was saved from prison time after offering to share intelligence including information on North Korea and Osama bin Laden. He was working with Trump to negotiate a Trump Tower in Moscow, and after the deal fell through, Trump has attempted to disassociate himself from the career criminal.Tevfik Arif: In 2007 the New York Times published an article about Sater and his interests in a company called “Bayrock.” Trump told his usual lie; “I didn’t know him very well.” He claimed that when he did business with Bayrock, he met with Tevfik Arif.
Just two days after the article was published, Trump responded in a deposition: “The one I dealt with was Mr. Arif,” Trump said, explaining that Arif had been working with him on new business opportunities in Turkey, Poland, Ukraine and, of course, Russia. “Mr. Arif had the contacts,” Trump said. “He’s very international, as I’m sure you’ll see if you interview him. And he had international connections.”
In Tuesday’s report, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence laid out a slew of accusations against Arif: “Information obtained by the committee suggests he was involved in Russian organized crime, money laundering and human trafficking dating back to at least 2000.”

Emin and Aras Agalarov: Aras Agalarov is a Russian billionaire, and his son, Emin, is a pop singer. They became involved with Trump in 2013 as sponsors of the Miss Universe Pageant, partially owned by Donny Boy. This was the second time the contest had been held in Moscow; first in 2005.

It was a bit confusing when the investigation learned that Agalarov invested 12 million dollars in the event, but only recovered two million, while Trump was rewarded handily. The Senate report discovered interesting facts during their investigation.

“The Agalarovs have significant ties to Russian organized crime and have been closely affiliated with individuals involved in murder, prostitution, weapons trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, narcotics trafficking, money laundering and other significant criminal enterprises. Some of those activities have extended outside of Russia, including to the United States.” 

Irakli KaveladzeThe preliminary negotiations for real estate purchases in Russia were handled by Irakli Kaveladze and Donny Junior. Kaveladze worked with Agalarov according to Robert Mueller’s report. The GAO claimed that Kaveladze was involved in efforts to launder money for Russian oligarchs. He set up approximately 2,000 dummy corporations and laundered more than one-billion dollars into 236 accounts.

Andrey Rozov: Trump remained eager for a Trump Tower in Moscow. Felix Sater knew a developer by the name of Andrey Rozov. Sater continued to work with Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.
Cohen, also quoted in the report, adds his side of the story. “After the conversation with Mr. Sater, I told Mr. Trump that there’s an opportunity to develop the tallest building in the world in Moscow,” Cohen says in the report. “He asked me who it was with. I told him Felix is bringing the proposal, and he was like, ‘Oy, Felix!’ And I said to him, ‘But you have to understand, Felix is not the partner in this. He’s just the licensee’s representative. And he’s not involved. And Mr. Trump said, ‘Okay, keep him tight.’ Meaning, keep him on a tight leash.” 
Rozov and his associates are heavily involved in Russian influencing agencies. The Trump Tower deal never materialized, and according to Cohen, DJT was never informed about the failure.
Go back a few years and remember that Trump was involved with the New Jersey mafia when he owned casinos in Atlantic City which he later placed into bankruptcy.
These are Trump’s “business associates.” Today he is raping the national treasury to live the life of a billionaire while falsely claiming to be your president. Trump repeatedly brags: “I love using other people’s money.”
Op-ed by James Turnage
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