Donald Trump is Down; Let’s Finish him Off Today


Trump is behind in every poll, with the exception of a group which is becoming a minority, pure white men without a college education. No surprise there; this group is easily brainwashed by Fox News, this is their base.

In the latest New York Times/Siena College poll, Biden is leading by 14 points. Independents support Biden over Trump, 47-29. 79 percent of black Americans, and 64 percent of Hispanics favor the former vice-president. White males, educated and uneducated would choose Biden, 44-43 percent. Women support Biden 59-35. 60 percent of millennials, generation X, and generation Z favor Biden over Trump.

Baby Trump

Raised by gentle people, I was taught that “I should never kick a man when he’s down.” Concerning Trump’s future, I reject that instruction. Trump is the most evil man in the world and must receive a clear message from the people. We deserve an American president who will serve all of our nation’s people.

Trump is back holding hate rallies. His themes now are the same as they have been for the last three and a half years. “Everybody is picking on poor old Donny Boy.” The economy is tanking, and he blames the pandemic. Although this added to the decline, Trump’s failed policies were leading our nation into another recession prior to the coronavirus. His failure to take definitive action in January of this year resulted in America leading the world in number of cases and deaths. A study shows that Trump’s failure to lead cost 50,000 Americans their lives. His support of continued law enforcement policies of excessive violence against black Americans is unforgivable and anti-American.

Trump is attempting to cover up a possible historic loss in November, claiming that mail-in voting would cause massive voter fraud. This is such a huge lie, I won’t discuss it. Absentee balloting is a standard process without any record of voter fraud. This is just another effort to save his humongous ass from another failure.

We, those of us who are working hard to save America, must work even harder to crush Trump’s future. He and his party are destroying democracy, and allowing constant violations of Constitutional rights. Trump’s disregard for the advances made in the last sixty years by his predecessors is unforgivable. If our nation refuses to move forward, he will move us into our failed past. The people must be the priority of our government, and this will not happen under Trump’s reign of terror.


Finally, over the last few days Trump proved once again that he has no interest in the welfare of the American people, including his own cult. Two of the states which are experiencing a surge in Covid-19 are Oklahoma and Arizona. Trump was desperate to soothe his fragile ego as the polls reveal the most unpopular president in history. With total disregard for the health of his own supporters, he held crowded rallies in Oklahoma and Arizona where no one was allowed to wear a mask.

Shame on Donald Trump. He is not worthy of a single vote from real Americans. Reject fascism: Dump Trump

Op-ed by James Turnage


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