More Fascist Actions from the Coward in the White House; the First Amendment under Attack Again

Trump's March against the first amendment

Trump is not smart enough to get it. His fascist actions and displays of support for white supremacists and enemies of the Union known as the Confederacy, are creating additional support for protesters. He has refused to make any attempts to understand the pain and anger felt by the black community. For Trump, they are unworthy of citizenship and he refuses to serve them. He is superior and black men and women are undeserving of freedom and equality.

I admit that I have supported the men and women who fill our streets from day one. I have written about the evils of racism for at least seven years. However, if I had not aligned myself with the men and women who seek justice today, after Trump’s recent actions, now I would be.

Let’s review Trump’s actions of blatant fascism and support for white supremacy since the beginning of this month.

Trump Hypocrite

On June 1st, I watched in horror as your illegitimate president used our nation’s military to violate the first amendment rights of hundreds of peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights. Firing rubber bullets, and discharging tear gas canisters, the military and police cleared a path in Lafayette Park for one and only one reason; to allow Trump to have his picture taken in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church. The entire event was a travesty and a slap in the face of all true Americans.

During the last few days protesters across America have been destroying statues dedicated to men who sought the destruction of the Union for a single purpose, they demanded their ‘right’ to own slaves. On Monday, protesters near the White House attempted to destroy the statue of former President Andrew Jackson, the most overt racist claiming the title of President of the United States prior to Donald Trump. That was the last straw for the leader of America’s white supremacist movement. Trump has frequently claimed the Jackson was one of his heroes.

Andrew Jackson

Today Trump denounced the destruction of statues based on racism and slavery.

“A lot of states are weak. A lot of people are weak and they’re allowing it to happen,” Trump said.

Trump’s position on this issue is firm; he will protect the men he admires for their courage to be honest; blacks are inferior to whites, and the “south will rise again.”

Earlier today, Trump ordered all protesters pushed back from the area adjacent to the White House; he is very scared of unarmed Americans. Once again he is violating the rights of the American people. Trump prefers his cult who protest while carrying military assault rifles. They want their massages no matter what.

Trump is despised all over the world. In our country, polls reveal overwhelming support for the protesters. Hey, Donny Boy, as you leave the White House, ‘don’t let the door hit you in the ass.’

I will end this disturbing story with a personal experience.

I had to go to my local post office today to sign for a certified letter. I wore a mask and kept my distance. While I waited the three people standing at the counter, who were not wearing masks, were talking to the clerk. The only man said, “I wouldn’t lie, I’m a Republican.” One of the women said me too, and they all laughed. They were obviously Trump supporters. I realized how ignorant Trump supporters are. Although Trump has never told the truth once, they believe him. Then I realized that they sit home all day and watch the right-wing propaganda machine, Fox News. I was sad; they chose to be ignorant, and that’s a sin.


I have long considered the upcoming election a revolution because of Trump’s unconstitutional actions. However, it has grown into a final battle between right-wing pretenders and true Americans who believe in the Constitution and the future of the nation of our founding fathers.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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