Here’s your ‘Laugh on Wednesday;’ DJT Jr. Sucking up to Daddy with a Ludicrous Idea; Very Funny

Don Jr.

Overall, the Trump Klan is not funny. Not one of them has ever displayed a sense of humor. However, their extremely low level of intelligence often presents opportunities for us to laugh at them. Leading the team is Donny Boy Jr. who is always willing to make a fool of himself for Daddy.

His latest effort to please daddy offered a suggestion which is so ludicrous, I peed a little as I laughed until I realized he was serious. I hoped he was being ‘tongue in cheek,’ but then I once again learned that he is just a moron.

As protests continue around the world after the murder of George Floyd, a movement to remove all statues of Confederate leaders, who were in fact traitors to the United States of America, has spread rapidly. In states all over the nation, they are being torn down, and there is now a bill in congress to remove similar statues from the Capitol building. For all Americans, but especially black Americans, they are a reminder of slavery and the oppression of black Americans for hundreds of years.

Trump has objected vehemently. Those statues support his belief in white supremacy, and his followers don’t want to see these statues which honor slavery removed. DJT Jr. offered a suggestion.

Confederate Statue

“Want to save our monuments? Let’s get a movement going a new and more sturdy statue of @realDonaldTrump,’” he wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning.

“The nonsense would stop instantly.”

The idea of tearing down the statues is to remove symbols of racism. Replacing them with statues of Trump would be a rhetorical tribute. The two most racist men who ever defiled our White House are Trump, and one of his idols, Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson

As a point of interest, when protesters attempted to tear down the statue of Jackson outside of the White House, Trump threw another tantrum and ordered his gestapo to push the protesters back. Another violation of their first amendment rights. Strike 66 against your obese fuhrer.

Okay, I’ll admit this was not as funny as I first thought it was. The Trump Klan is indeed white trash with money and for the same reason I will never place the word “president” before Trump’s name without adding the word “illegitimate,” I will never refer to these self-serving and hypocritical socialites as the “first family.” Any comparison between the Obamas and these clowns is unfair. The Obama’s displayed enormous intelligence and class, as well as a deep devotion to the American people. Trump and his Klan are attempting to destroy every accomplishment and replace them with harmful policies.

Finally, the only place I would like to see Donald Trump’s face is at the bottom of my toilet so I could have something to aim at while I urinate.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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