Congress Must Order Trump to Stop Stealing Taxpayer Money


Donald Trump is cutting programs such as the Endowment to the Arts, and attempting to eliminate others such as Planned Parenthood entirely. It is obvious that he hates low-income and impoverished Americans. Meanwhile, from information I have been able to obtain, he has wasted nearly $30 million of taxpayer money for himself in less than 100 days.

From very frequent golf excursions, weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago, his personal ‘rallies,’ such as the one he will hold in Pennsylvania next Saturday, and the cost of allowing Melania to remain in Trump Tower, Trump is costing us money; not saving any.

The Republican controlled congress must step in and tell him to stop using taxpayer money to maintain the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Trump cannot be allowed to continue acting like a spoiled rich kid.

Trump’s supporters say that ‘a president needs days off too.’ That’s true. But in Trump’s case, he has spent less time in the White House than any president in history. During his campaign, he criticized President Obama every time he played a round of golf. Trump has played at least 20 rounds during his first 90 days.

Each visit to his millionaires only playpen, Mar-a-Lago, costs a minimum of three-million dollars. Not only should every taxpayer be outraged, but they should also understand the anger of Palm Beach residents. He disrupts their lives every weekend, and has cost several local businesses thousands of dollars in revenue.

Why is he allowed to entertain foreign leaders at his personal resort, from which he profits? Trump met with businessmen from Colombia at his posh resort, and they were required to pay the $200,000 initiation fee. Money in his pocket, while he’s wasting yours.

We have a White House in which to conduct state dinners. What Trump is allowed to do is a travesty.

Please join me in my disgust and inform all Americans about the hypocrisy of their illegitimate president. He must no longer use our money to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

Finally, Trump’s supporters voted for him, not for Steve Bannon, Ivanka, or Jared Kushner. They are running the country while Trump plays. Enough. If he doesn’t like his job, he should resign.


By James Turnage

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