Trump’s ‘Wall’ Would Be another Burden on Taxpayers, and Would Fail

wall (2)

Trump has brainwashed half of the American people. He claims that a wall must be built between the United States and Mexico to help prevent illegal immigration. Bullshit. It would fail in its first week. Why should taxpayers support such an idiotic venture simply to satisfy one of Trump’s ludicrous campaign promises?

Low estimates of the cost to build his wall would be around 22 billion dollars. Some estimates by experts claim that the cost could reach 100 billion dollars. And there are other problems.

Some areas of the border prevent the construction of a wall. There are problems of ‘imminent domain.’ Some Americans could find themselves living on the other side of the wall, and businesses which rely on a more open border would fail. In addition, it would take 3.5 years to construct, and possibly as many as 4.5.

Trump wants to reduce or remove social programs desperately needed by millions of Americans while wasting more taxpayer money.

By the way; if you want to talk to your illegitimate president about this issue, you’ll find him on one of his golf courses. You will be forced to pay the initiation fee for the resort. The cost to talk to Trump is $200,000 each at Mar-a-Lago. Then he won’t answer your questions anyway, while he stuffs your cash in his pocket.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Jonathan McIntosh

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