Has White Supremacy Become Acceptable?


If there was no other evidence than ‘guilt by association,’ we know that the Trump administration is composed primarily of white supremacists. Robert Mercer, Trump’s primary financier during his campaign placed Steve Bannon on Trump’s staff. Both men are well-known for their extremist views about America. Actions and statements by Jeff Sessions, and Betsy DeVos have proven that they share a desire for a white nationalist society. Trump himself offered proof that he was a racist, and by adding others with similar viewpoints to his circle of sinners makes it obvious that he shares a belief in white supremacy.

Why hasn’t the media made this a major issue? Is it acceptable today because the illegitimate president is himself a leader and role model for hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the ‘Alt-Right?’ Will it soon become necessary to begin a new civil rights movement in our cities? Are we to believe that prejudice and bigotry are normal in American society?

This is the most important issue in our nation today; it cannot be hidden; the facts cannot be ignored. Unlike the Trump White House, the United States of America is extremely diverse. It may be overstated that we are a nation of immigrants, but nothing could be truer. We are and should be proud that with every generation, our people are more diverse and racially mixed.

African Americans are unique; but not because they choose to be so. They did not immigrate to the new world, they were stolen from they families and their culture and forced to work for wealthy farmers and ranchers.

The first 19 African slaves were brought to the colonies in 1619. The Emancipation Proclamation was not signed by President Lincoln until 1863. Slavery was acceptable for 244 years in the new world. African Americans did not receive a guarantee of equality until Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It remains factual that for 345 years black men, women, and children were treated differently than other citizens of an immigrant society. Sadly, a large group of people who live in America, but do not believe in the Constitution, continues to believe that blacks are inferior to whites. Only immigrants from western Europe are accepted into their midst.

I graduated high school in 1964 in Los Angeles, California. In September of that year, I enlisted in the United States Air Force. This was the beginning of my education about the America I did not know.

Venice High School was extremely diverse. Students were judged by their character and morals, not by the color of their skin or racial ethnicity. Lackland Air Force Base in Texas was my destination for basic training. We were not allowed to spend a great deal of time in the civilian community. Looking back, I’m somewhat grateful for that fact.

After basic training, I was sent to ‘tech school’ in Biloxi, Mississippi. We traveled by bus. As we were passing through Louisiana, we stopped at a restaurant. Most of us remained on the bus while others went inside to order food for everyone. Looking out of the window, I saw a sign near the restrooms. It said: “Niggers,” with an arrow pointing to the back of the restaurant. This was my welcome to the south.

The barracks in which I slept were condemned after WWII, but they remained standing. After a couple of weeks of training, we were allowed to receive passes to go into Biloxi. I never went; all of my money was sent home to my mother. Stories from those who did venture into civilian life returned with very unsettling tales. Black Airmen were not allowed in many of the businesses. On one occasion I heard of a car experiencing gun fire; apparently because one of the Airmen was black.

I was naive. Living on the west coast, I expected all of America to be like Los Angeles; much of it has not changed today; and that is sad.

Synonyms for racism are ignorance and stupidity. To be a white supremacist places one in a singular deplorable society within the United States of America.

Of the many, many reasons why I will never accept Trump as my president, his belief in white supremacy stands at the forefront of his list of evils.

My fellow Americans; we cannot allow Trump to defile the White House for another day. Send him to Mar-a-Lago, and forbid his return to America. He doesn’t do anything in Washington anyway. His idea of being president is watching FOX Noise and playing golf.


By James Turnage

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