When did Trump First Meet Vladimir Putin, and How Deep are his Connections to Russian Oligarchs?

Trump and Putin (2)

Although most of Robert Mueller’s report was censored, and the American people denied their rights to know if “their president was a crook,” or worse, information was revealed over the last five years after Trump declared his candidacy that his Russian connections are far deeper than collusion during the 2016 campaign. Like the Saudi Royal family, Trump is heavily indebted to Putin and his oligarchs.

Let’s go back to 1987. A much younger would-be businessman, 41 year old Donald John Trump, was invited to Moscow by the KGB. In 1987 Vladimir Putin was a senior officer in the Russian spy organization. During Trump’s short visit, it is highly unlikely that Trump and Putin did not spend some time together.

Although there is no venue, no record of Trump and Putin meeting once again during the next 18 years, there is no doubt communications between the two continued.

In 2005, Trump took the Ms. Universe Pageant to Moscow. Financial records during the 1990’s prove that Trump was near ruin. How he was able to take his “sideshow” to Moscow, I cannot discover. In 2004 the Trump organization filed for multiple bankruptcies.

However, what we do know is that in 2007 Trump’s real estate business began to experience a “Resurrection.”

Documents acquired by multiple news agencies and finanacial publications reported a heavy contribution by Russians. Donald Trump Jr., has appeared to confirm these allegations, saying in 2008, after the Trump Organization was prospering again, that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”


Late in 2018 some business associates of DJT confirmed the involvement of Russian investors. Alan Lapidus Trump’s long-time architect, claimed that Trump “he could not get anybody in the United States to lend him anything. It was all coming out of Russia. His involvement with Russia was deeper than he’s acknowledged.”

The money came in the form of multiple real estate partnerships, and the sales of Trump condos. “I think part of it was he was toxic to the banks. I think he also probably learned that personal guarantees [on loans] weren’t a brilliant idea either,” said the former business associate, who would speak to FP only on condition of anonymity. “So he was saying to himself, ‘What else could I do in the world? I’ll just convince people to buy my brand.’ And the only people who were willing to buy it were tasteless Russians, people who like the absurd, ostentatious gold-leaf lifestyle he has. You’re not going to sell that brand to blue bloods in Greenwich, Connecticut.”

Continuing today, there are multiple suspicions and allegations that Trump has aided the efforts of Russian oligarchs to launder billions dollars through the purchase of real estate in the United States. Everything from New York condos to mansions in South Beach, Florida, have been purchased by Russians.

Now let’s get to the truth, which is extremely frightening and demands the immediate removal of DJT from the White House.

It is no secret within the security agencies in the U.S. and the rest of the western world that Putin has one goal, and has since his involvement with the KGB; the destruction of the United States of America.

Unlike Trump, Putin is not a stupid man.

Putin knows that a military conflict would lead to a nuclear war. There are no winners after Armageddon occurs around the world. Putin has harbored three goals for decades.

Trump as Hitler

First, divide our country. Trump has accomplished this goal with extreme efficiency. America is more divided today than at any other time since the Civil War.

Second, destroy America’s economy. Prior to the invasion of the pandemic, economists were forecasting another recession, worse than the one in 2008. Today, many of these same men are expecting a depression.

Third, end NATO by separating America from its closest allies. Trump has ended relationships with the European Union, Japan, and others who belong to NATO. Trump’s personal allies include Putin, Mohammad bin Salman, and Kim Jong-un. Murderous dictators one and all.

Lies are always exposed, and Trump’s acts of treason are undeniable.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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