When will a Major News Network or Celebrity Declare Trump a White Supremacist? Let’s Stop the Bullshit!


From June of 2015 until now, Trump’s illegitimate presidency has been filled with racist dialogue, and actions in support of white supremacists. His latest was on Friday evening, July 3rd, as he stood below a monument to four great presidents who would denounce him for his anti-American speech and actions.

When he spoke, he offered proof that he is not an American president. He declared his support for about 30 percent of all Americans and promised to destroy the remainder. His focus on the protests for social justice were indefensible.

I call upon someone in the hierarchy of the fourth estate to call Trump what he is: the leader of racism and white nationalism in America.

By his own words, and more importantly by his unforgivable actions, Trump has proudly claimed that he hates all non-whites. He offered his support for the fascist neo-Nazis who murdered a 15-year-old woman at a hate rally in Charlottesville Virginia, in August of 2017. His comment that “there were good people on both sides” offered irrefutable truth about his racism and bigotry. His use of his personal gestpo, ICE, to separate and harm potential refugees who happen to be Hispanic, is exactly applicable to Hitlers use of concentration camps for the Jews in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Not once has he rejected the support of hateful fascist groups including the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood, or the Boogaloo Bois.

As the protests began after the murder by cop of George Floyd, he continued to defend law enforcement. When demands from the protesters, and members of the Democratic Party called for the removal of Confederate statues across America and in the Capitol Building, Trump protected monuments dedicated to slavery calling Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and others “American heroes.”

Confederate Statue

A new spending bill passed by the House, calls for removal of all statues and monuments from our nation’s Capitol related to slavery and racism. Trump has promised to veto that bill. Instead he wants to create his own tribute to men he considers American heroes, including the most extremist right-wing Supreme Court Justice in history, Antonin Scalia. I’m sure his next of thousands of executive orders will be to place his own image on Mt. Rushmore.

Dump Trump! Democrats, Independents, and thousands of Republicans agree: our nation will not exist if Trump is in power for four more years.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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