Is the Trump Family Business Benefitting from the Coronavirus?

Trump International Hotel

What was once a post office in Washington D.C. was converted into a hotel within view of the White House. Trump was awarded the rights to operate that hotel. It became controversial immediately. Foreign dignitaries were encouraged to stay at the property for outrageous monetary remunerations. The question has always been, “is Trump using this situation to offer access to the President of the United States, which is against the law?”

Now, read this carefully, and answer this question: is the Trump family attempting to profit from the current pandemic?

The rent on the Trump International Hotel is $286,000 per month, paid to the General Services Administration. Estimates about the profits the Trump family receives from the property far exceed this sum. It is one of the costliest hotels in the D.C. area.

Now here is the reason for this article. The Trump family has petitioned the GSA to reduce rent on the property because of the coronavirus.

Eric Trump, the president’s son, and an executive vice president for the Trump Organization, confirmed the request to The New York Times.

Is this fair to his competition? Is this fair for the man in the White House to once again use his position for monetary gain?

Trump is not your president, he is a capitalist. Money is his god, and the welfare of the American people are “not his problem.” He made this statement several times during his ludicrous and uninformative “briefings” about the coronavirus.

Finally, Trump claims that President Obama’s administration failed to prepare our nation for an epidemic. I learned that the opposite is a fact. President Obama, in unison with Vice-President Joe Biden, created a highly credited panel which would advise the president if a health crisis occurred. Trump fired the entire panel after his inauguration.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of Jonathan Cutrer

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