Trump’s New Intelligence Leaders are in Fact Traitors to America and Must be Attacked by the Media and all Real Americans


What Trump doesn’t do: he refuses to accept critical information for our nation’s most respected security agencies, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, and the DIA. He cannot read with an attention span of less than two minutes and ignores the President’s Daily Brief, the PDB. The reason he denounces them and has placed old white men in positions to destroy the agencies is simple: they tell the truth.

Trump claims that he receives all the information he needs to know from “Fox and Friends” every morning. Your “reality show” president is a product of the “boob tube” and is one of the least intelligent and least informed people in the United States of America.

Recently Trump placed an inexperienced but Trump loyalist, Richard Grenell to the position of “Acting Director of National Intelligence.” This is a travesty; another abject failure by your illegitimate president. His real purpose is the same as William Barr’s; to protect Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

When Joseph McGuire’s team reported that Russia was continuing its efforts to support Trump in the 2020 election, Trump raged. He immediately decided to replace McGuire; enter Grenell. The truth frightens Trump more than anything else in the world.

Trump also added Robert O’Brien as his ‘National Security Adviser.’ Another Trump stooge, O’Brien appeared on every Sunday talk show that would have him. Another Trump puppet, he appeared on “Face the Nation” and mouthed words Trump regurgitated multiple times.

Host Margaret Brennan asked the same question over and over again as O’Brien denied four years of intelligence gathering, and hundreds of agents who offered irrefutable facts that Russia continues to support the illegitimate clown now defiling the White House.

“Are you denying that it is happening?” O’Brien, however, maintained the Trump-favored line. If anything, he said, he has “heard” that Russia wants “Bernie Sanders to win.”

Trump has become a sad little bully who is tiresome to those of us who have followed politics closely over the last five years. His only tactics are to personally attack his millions of adversaries and then accuse them of committed the crimes for which he is guilty.

MARGARET BRENNAN: “But the White House was briefed on February 14th. Were you not in that briefing when the president was informed?”

O’BRIEN: “Well, there’s no briefing that I’ve received, that the president has received, that says that President Putin is doing anything to try and influence the elections in favor of President Trump. We just haven’t seen that intelligence. If it’s out there, I haven’t seen it. I’d be surprised if I haven’t seen it. The leaders of our- the IC have not seen it. So I- again, I don’t know where this is coming from. I’ve heard these rumors and these leaks from Adam Schiff’s committee, but I- I have not seen them myself and I’ve seen no intelligence along those lines.”

Trump and his circle of sinners have never met a lie they didn’t love; this is the only way they can survive in Washington.

I will attach three articles. If you choose to read them, you will learn everything about the clowns who are pretending to control our security agencies. These “know-nothings” are Trump’s henchmen, not legitimate members of a bonified presidential administration.

Trump continues to prove my claim from 2005 that he is Vladimir Putin’s asset in the White House. The two men share a close and ambitious relationship which began in Moscow in 1987; do the research.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage




Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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