Fear of a Bernie Sanders’ Presidency is Growing on Both Sides of the Aisle; but not for the American People


For 30 years both political parties moved farther to the right. Republicans have moved so far to the right they are incapable of governing the American people. Democrats forgot their roots and the liberal/progressive agenda of “the people’s president,” Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Bernie Sanders’ support of “democratic socialism” is not radical; it is a return to the times when America worked for everyone, not just a small percentage of wealthy and privileged men and women who seek even greater wealth while the gap between the wealthy and the working class widens.

The truth the party of big business doesn’t want you to know.

In 1939 the maximum income tax rate was 74 percent for families making over 500 thousand dollars a year.

In 1980 the rate was 70 percent for incomes over 215 thousand.

In 1981 Ronald Reagan reduced the maximum tax rate for the wealthy to 50 percent; and so it began.

Today, in 2020, the maximum rate for the wealthy making over 518 thousand dollars a year is 37 percent. Equally important is that the corporate tax rate was reduced from 35 percent to 21 percent; adding trillions of dollars to the national deficit. In 2019 Wal Mart and Amazon paid zero dollars in tax.

This election is critical; it will decide the future of 330 million people. For more than 30 years our nation has ignored the people. Those who are elected to serve us in Washington rule over us and ignore the needs and wishes of the majority. Profit for big business and increasing the wealth of the super-rich has replaced the welfare of the American people. The quality of life for most has remained stagnant or declined while the wealthy live in luxury beyond our wildest imagination.

During the 20th century laws were passed and tax rates were lowered to allow the rich to become richer, and newly created corporations the ability to make outrageous profits without sharing their success with the working class who were responsible for that success.

What Bernie Sanders proposes is not a “change” in America; it is a return to fairness. When all Americans benefit from living in the wealthiest nation in the world, our leaders will fulfill the dreams of our founding fathers.

Today the United States of America is less of a country and more of a business. The greatest fear of the super-rich is that a ‘Bernie Sanders’ will become our president. He will work for the people; all the people.

Finally, do you believe that all Americans should have the best healthcare available? Is it critical to our nation’s future that our greatest minds receive the best education offered in our colleges and universities regardless of their income level? Do you believe that women are equal to men and should have the same advantages and rights as their male counterparts? Do you think that the 90 percent of Americans who do not own guns have the right to feel safe shopping at a mall, attending a church or a concert, and feel secure about sending their children to school? Should the LGBTQ community have the same rights guaranteed to heterosexuals by the Constitution. Is the first amendment promise of freedom of religion for all Americans important to you? If you answered “no” to any of these questions you are one of only five percent of Americans.

Bernie has the support of women, African Americans, Hispanics, millennials, and most patriotic men and women. Why? Because he speaks for us; he cares about us; he will serve us and return America to its true path when the Constitution was not spit on by an entire party every day.

On November 3rd, we can vote all Republicans up for reelection out of Washington. America will belong to us once again: the American people.

By the way: Chris Matthews has become a blithering idiot and another reason why I do not watch television “news” broadcasts.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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