Iowa’s Senators Are two of the Worst in American History


86-year-old Chuck Grassley, and anti-feminist, Joni Ernst, are the two senators from Iowa. Knowing about them tells us a lot about the people of the “Hawkeye State.”

Grassley is far too old to serve a nation which averages 38.1 years of age. At 86 he should be home in Iowa eating bran or maybe corn muffins, and watching reruns of ‘Matlock,’ not voting on the issues important to the American people. He is another hypocrite who denounced Trump until he illegitimately won a rigged election.

Ernst is former military and has joined Republican’s war against women. Her voting record reveals that she has voted against every bill designed to protect women and equal rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution. Most recently she voted in opposition to the ‘Violence Against Women Act,’ a measure designed to decrease America’s escalating domestic violence. Why? She was ordered to by the NRA gun lobby.

After she blocked the reauthorization of the VAWA, she immediately offered a new version. In Ernst’ version, or should I say the ‘NRA’s’ version, preventing those individuals convicted of domestic violence from purchasing guns was removed. Increasing gun sales is more important to the junior senator from Iowa than the safety or even the lives of women.

The federal government is dysfunctional, and the causes are many. At the forefront of Washington’s failures are factions of the GOP which have become so extreme they refuse to deliberate the issues and compromise, not only with Democrats and Independents, but with many members of their own party. Add to this fact a backwards ‘leader,’ Moscow Mitch McConnell, who created the ‘party of no,’ which has done nothing for the last 11 years and refuses to allow a vote on more than 350 bills passed by the House. They are currently gathering dust on the old man’s desk. Finally, a group of men and women who are called lobbyists. Their only purpose is to buy votes from Congressmen and Senators for large corporations and other special interests including the Christian Religious Right.

The absolute truth is that Republicans do not represent the American people. They oppose not only equal rights under the law for women, they oppose healthcare for all, free or inexpensive education, sensible gun law reform, and a realistic plan to solve our immigration problem; all of which are supported by the majority.

They ignore growing problems including the opioid crisis and income inequality. So, I ask one question: “What the hell are they good for?” The answer is making the rich, richer, and violating the Constitution by supporting the rights of a single religion.

I have a solution. On November 3rd, vote for Joni Ernst’s opponent, and the opponents of other Republicans including Lindsey Graham and Moscow Mitch. They are all undeserving of your support; they will not support you and proved that fact once and for all on February 7th when they acquitted the child in the White House although the evidence was overwhelming. The right-wing has become a group of traitors to the American people.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Joseph Lopez

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