America has never Been Great, and Today We are no longer Respected as the Leader of the Free World

Trump (5)

Donald Trump has accomplished nothing positive for America in four months and 12 days. He has destroyed our nation’s respect, and our relationships with our closest allies. His attendance at the NATO meetings and at the G7 Summit convinced the leaders of other nations that the United States is no longer the leader of the free world. Today he refused once and for all to sign the Paris Agreement, leaving our nation in the company of villains and thugs who rule Nicaragua and Syria.

As Trump returned to an administration in turmoil, Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, told the world that Europe could no longer rely on the United States, and that European nations must support each other. Her reasoning was based on the incompetence and arrogance of Donald J. Trump.

Many of my fellow politicos believe that the free world is now in the capable hands of Merkel and newly elected President of France, Emmanuel Marcon. They are now the most respected leaders in the free world. Trump has proven himself to be ignorant, arrogant, and unfit to be the leader of America, and certainly not the developed nations of the international community.

Trump rejected article five of the NATO charter, which states that if one of NATO’s nations is attacked, they will be unified in their defense of that nation. And when he rejected the Paris Agreement, he convinced the leaders of the European Union, and the members of NATO that the United States was no longer their friend.

Trump has alienated relationships which have taken decades to secure. He is the greatest danger to America and the safety and security of the world since a man he admires became Chancellor or Germany in 1933; Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany for the next four years in March of that fateful year; will 2016 be the year remembered for destroying the American dream and the security of the world?

Like Hitler, Trump demands loyalty but offers none. He punishes his detractors verbally or with political attacks. He is assimilating power thanks to the extremely weak leadership of Republicans in name only; most importantly traitor Mitch McConnell and Lyin Paul Ryan.

In just over four months our beloved nation has lost its relevancy and respect from the entire world. Don’t ignore this; these are facts. The horrific results of the November 8th election are obvious and escalating with every day Trump is allowed to defile the White House.

America has made many mistakes, and these mistakes have forbidden us to reach the level of ‘greatness.’ Most of these errors are the result of human weakness. Prejudice and bigotry are at the center of our nation’s evils. Concern with profit before people accelerated the inability of our country to adhere to the principles of our founding fathers. Today a refusal to move forward is destroying the progress of decades of efforts by those who love or loved our nation. Adherence to strict capitalism has eliminated true democracy.

As our nation’s morals and principles decline, so does our country’s position in the world. Today we have an illegitimate president who is denounced not only by the vast majority of Americans, he is disrespected by our former allies.

I remember; many of you do not. When I was in elementary school in the 1950’s, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning gave me ‘chills.’ Today it has no meaning because the words themselves do not apply to the country in which I live.

I will never accept a president who fails to believe in the country in which I was raised.

I join the nations of the world and will never offer my loyalty or respect to the most immoral and debauched man in America.


by James Turnage

Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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