A White House Without Ethics, Principles, and Leadership

Conway (2)

A leader moves his sports team, his business, or his country forward. Trump is the antithesis of a leader. By refusing to sign the Paris Agreement today, he took another of many steps designed to ruin more than 60 years of efforts made by his predecessors. Trump’s ignorant supporters signed America’s death sentence.

When Trump visited the Middle East and Europe for nine days, he proved to the entire world that the American people are represented by a mentally unstable buffoon. The Saudi royal family and “Bebe” Netanyahu played him, and he managed to alienate nearly every one of our allies. Great Britain remains alone in the world, and will soon feel the pain of Brexit, but Theresa May and Trump appear to be comrads.

Trump is re-creating America; it is nearing a plutocracy; and a plutocracy cannot exist under democratic rule.

Today Trump signed the elimination of multiple ethics laws pertaining to 17 members of the White House staff, including spin doctor Kellyanne Conway, and white supremacist Steve Bannon.

“The waivers, issued by the White House Counsel’s office, allow administration appointees to take part in decisions from which federal ethics rules and Trump’s own policies would require them to recuse.”

They will be allowed to engage in communications and decisions with “their former employers, colleagues, and clients,” reports the Washington Post. In other words, Trump is changing the laws which forbid high level government employees from remaining in control of their business interests while in public office. But can Trump change the rules restricting him from involvement in his foreign business interests? He has failed thus far to divulge those interests.

The truth is that it is becoming increasingly obvious that he is using his illegitimate presidency to increase his foreign business.

This is the most corrupt White House in history. John Dean, who was involved in ‘Watergate,’ and became a whistleblower against President Nixon, said that his boss’s illegal actions were “like a boil on the neck of the Statue of Liberty; Trump’s criminal actions cover ‘Lady Liberty’s’ entire neck.”

It is impossible for me to believe that unless you are a white supremacist, a billionaire, an Islamophobe, or a Homophobe, you can continue to support our national embarrassment. He is not an American; he rejects the Constitution; he is unprincipled, and he is the most immoral man in America. Most importantly, and to use Trump’s own crude, descriptive term; he is a ‘loser.’

The majority of the American people who refused to support Trump, deserve better. We deserve a leader who would take the words contained in his or her oath of office seriously. Trump lied when he swore to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

I am seldom and angry man, but when Trump stomps on my nation’s most sacred document daily, and takes actions aimed at harming our most needy citizens, I become livid. I want him to go away; no, I want him where he belongs; in federal prison.

Just think about it; it would be a good thing for him. He might lose the 80 extra pounds which make him obese. Prison could save his life and it would sure as hell save my country.

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by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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