Laura Ingraham’s a Lying Bitch; but you Already Knew That


I despise Fox News. First of all, it is not a legitimate news service, its purpose is a propaganda machine for right-wing politicians, most notably your illegitimate president, DJT. Secondly most of its on-air personalities are fake journalists whose sole purpose is to lie for their president.

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, Laura Ingraham and others constantly swear to viewers that Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories are facts. They also create stories with the purpose of giving DJT a “credible source;” which they are not.

Sometimes the claims made by these spokesmen for the right-wing are so ludicrous I laugh out loud. Sometimes they are extremely harmful to real Americans and make my blood boil. I pity Fox’ viewers, they have been brainwashed and their intellect removed.

Recently Ingraham offered an opinion without any fact which will cause the deaths of hundreds of Americans with the sole purpose of protecting her moron-in-chief. Ingraham was viewed attempting to “call wearing masks a liberal and media conspiracy.”

Just yesterday I revealed a study which proves that if the federal government had taken action ordering ‘social distancing,’ and ‘wearing masks in public’ just one week sooner, 50 percent of lives lost from Covid-19 could have been prevented.

Thursday Seth Meyers discussed Ingraham’s idiocy on his show’s featured segment called “A Closer Look.”

“Conservatives have decided to turn [wearing masks] into yet another dumb culture-war issue. Some have even theorized that it’s a media conspiracy to keep people permanently afraid,” explained the Late Night comic.

Here I must brag about the fact that I am an independent voter and a proud liberal or progressive, whichever term you prefer. “Conservatives” in the right-wing no longer exist. They do not care about government waste and needless spending. They have allowed trump to waste millions of dollars each month to live the life of a billionaire while his fiscal policies are adding trillions of dollars to the national debt. They are the party of special interests and do not give a damn about the welfare of the American people or our nation’s future.

Liberals believe in compassion and understanding. The Constitution is the blueprint for how we live our lives. Every American matters. Racism and bigotry have been cast aside. Women have been treated equally for decades and are no longer treated as sex objects and second-class citizens, except from the right. We believe in moving our nation forward and joining the rest of developed nations whose prejudices for homosexuals, Muslims, and non-whites no longer exist. Most importantly we place people before profits, the opposite view of the right-wing. All Americans should benefit from being a part of a successful company, not just the CEO and board members of large corporations.

Trump’s greatest harm to America is not his support of fascism. The fact that he rejects science is harming our nation and the future of the planet. His choice to ignore a coming crisis has cost the lives of 100,000 Americans; a far greater loss than any other nation although we have only four percent of the world’s population. A real president would have taken action in January. Lives and jobs could have been saved if America had leadership.

Fox’s pretend president and his administration is woefully unqualified to lead a nation of 330 million people.

Laura Ingraham is nothing more than a lying bitch. Please pass this article on to other caring Americans.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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