New Evidence Reveals Trump’s Inflated Value and Fraud: Deutsche Bank is Revealing Trump’s Financial Records

Deutsche Bani

For more than two years New York Times reporter, David Enrich, has been investigating Trump’s claims of financial success. The orange man-child’s refusal to reveal his tax records and any other information related to his loans and acquisitions offer proof that he is hiding something nefarious, and good reporting by Enrich, combined with Deutsche Bank’s cooperation is revealing the truth.

What is known so far is that Trump’s tax returns will reveal the answers to numerous questions involving Trump’s actual financial situation, alleged tax fraud, and ‘hush-money’ payments made during the 2016 campaign.

To obtain necessary loans from Deutsche Bank the financial institution obtained multiple years of Trump’s tax records beginning in 2011.

In 2018 Democrats regained control of the House and immediately subpoenaed the bank for Trump’s tax records. In an act of desperation, the Trump Klan filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank which would prevent the release of what are obviously damning records.

Trump and the German banking institution were involved in a tumultuous business relationship involving loans to build Trump Tower in Chicago, among other construction projects. Deutsche Bank sued for non-payment and Trump countersued. Agreements ended the feud but only temporarily.

Trump’s attorneys found a loophole in Deutsche Bank’s personal lending division and received a loan to purchase Doral Resort and Spa, and a failed effort to obtain financial control of the Buffalo Bills NFL franchise. The two continued it’s on again off again relationship until 2016 when Trump was seeking the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Trump’s reputation for refusing to pay his bills continues to haunt the bank’s officials. After the sale of $400 million of junk Bonds, Trump “repaid the Deutsche Bank team with a weekend trip to his Mar-­a-­Lago resort.”

This process was repeated. On one of the trips the son of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was invited. Yes, the same Justice who retired early to create space for Brett Kavanaugh.

Throughout his relationship with Deutsche Bank, Trump greatly inflated the value of his holdings. None of his own money was ever used for his investments; relying solely on Deutsche Bank and their other investors.

Until his financial records are revealed we can only speculate about Trump’s questionable and even controversial business practices. The truth is that without bailouts from the Saudi Royal family, alleged contributions by Russian oligarchs, and Deutsche Bank, Trump would have been penniless in 2015 when he declared his candidacy.

Trump’s private business life began with the loss of at least $421 million; a gift from his father. His entire life is a fraud. Trump has never succeeded in his life and is now failing and harming the United States of America.

The real question is: “how long will the men and women who call themselves Republicans and ‘conservatives’ allow Trump to destroy America’s future?” They are fully aware of Trump’s incompetence and mental inadequacies. If their loyalty is not to the American people, we cannot offer them ours. If we remove all Republicans up for reelection on November 3rd most of the nation of our founding fathers can be saved.

Your choice.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Tony Webster

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