“Russiagate” Will Take Down the Trump Party

Putin (2)

The ‘bromance’ between Trump and Putin is multi-purposed. On November 8, 2016 Vladimir Putin was elected President of the United States. It doesn’t take a genius to look at every action, every word, and every executive order and understand that they were in response to orders from Putin.

After Monday’s disastrous press conference in Helsinki we have the biggest scandal in American history; “Russiagate.” No longer is there any question about collusion during the 2016 campaign between Trump and Putin. It is now a confirmed fact, and Trump is guilty of Treason.

When Putin began his cyber attacks on America, he declared war. Trump, colluding with a country with whom we were at war, has committed treason by the very definition. Let’s be clear; an attack on our Constitutional rights is as serious as a military assault. This is warfare in the 21st century.

When Trump is removed from office, his party must be dismantled. Former GOP politicians continue to support their “traitor-in-chief,” and this is unacceptable. They were elected to represent the people, not America’s first fuhrer.

Trump, McConnel, Rand Paul, and others are displaying a level of arrogance which proves that they believe the American voter is ‘stupid.’ We are the most uninformed nation in the developed world, but if anyone watched Trump pledge his fidelity to Putin on Monday, he cannot lie his way out of this situation.

While they continue to celebrate Putin’s victory in Moscow, the Trump Party is desperately attempting to protect their illegitimate president. Although 79 percent of Republicans polled approve of “Donny the Traitor’s” performance in Helsinki, Independents and Democrats do not. I’m sure that this will not surprise you, but if every man or woman who calls themselves a ‘Republican’ and most Democrats and Independents vote in November, those candidates with an “R” next to his or her name will lose. Republicans have become inconsequential if large numbers of liberals simply vote. And this must happen on November 6th.

Finally, a fact which every American must know. The Trump Party is willing to accept Putin’s illegitimate presidency as long as their party remains in control of Washington. Every member of the Trump Party is guilty of treason and ignoring the American people. When Putin comes to the White House this fall, they will be lining up to kiss his a**.

Please tell others about my blog; the truth lives here.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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