How Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have Failed their Party and the American People

Pelosi and Schumer

When courageous and righteous people are facing an immoral and ruthless monster, they use any weapons available to them to save themselves and those they represent. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have ‘hoped’ for a miracle and refused to aggressively confront the heinous villain in the White House.

Trump has no morals. He uses lies and innuendos to destroy his adversaries. If the truth is hidden from the majority, he will be victorious.

When an army is facing an enemy, who will use any vile and destructive weapon to win at all costs, the righteous must respond in kind. This hasn’t happened during Trump’s 17 months and 12 days as our nation’s illegitimate president.

Schumer and Pelosi are aware of what should have happened before the election to stop Trump. They know that he is a criminal, a traitor, and a sexual predator. They were fully informed that Russia was interfering in our election before November 8th. But they refuse to tell the truth.

Recently Schumer and Pelosi criticized Representative Maxine Waters for suggesting that real Americans should stand up to Trump’s stooges and call them out for their lies and anti-American rhetoric. They were wrong, and she was right. Republicans, Democrats, and the media will not tell the full truth about Trump’s traitorous actions, and his refusal to serve all the American people. We can do it with our words and our vote. We are the United States of America and when those we elect refuse to serve us, believing that they rule over us, it is time for a revolution.

Democrats deserve more. They need aggressive liberal minded men and women who are younger and represent more women.

Please tell others about my blog and how important the truth is today; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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