Mo Brooks is an Idiot; White, Right Wing Terrorism is the Greatest Danger to the American People

Brooks (2)

Alabama is the most racist state in America; but not by much; Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Mississippi are trying hard to take first place. They are also the most dangerous state; recording the largest number of members of the Ku Klux Klan, and other hate groups.

Mo Brooks is an old, white Representative from Alabama. He is spreading more racist lies. He claims that the reason 43 Republican members of the House are refusing to run for reelection in November is that they fear “left wing assassinations.” Really?

Let’s set the record straight. I’ll begin 25 years ago. GOP politicians began a radical move to the far right. Republicans threw away the principles and ideals of their predecessors and replaced them with strong support for capitalism. Special interests replaced the majority of the American people as the focus of their political beliefs. They sold out to big oil, other large corporations, the NRA and the Christian religious right.

Change was not occurring fast enough for the billionaire Koch brothers. In 2010 the ‘TEA Party’ was formed. Supported by the Koch brothers, they became candidates for the House and Senate. This group of extremists promised to refuse all or any discussion with Democrats and centrists in the Republican Party. Their only purpose was to disrupt our government in support of 10.8 million millionaires, and 560 billionaires. Thus began the destruction of our Democratic Republic. Extremists quickly gained control of one entire party.

In the House the TEA Party devolved into the ‘Freedom Caucus.’ It seemed impossible to move further to the right, but this group found a way. This fact has resulted in a government which is dysfunctional, and a political party which is forever broken.

Our nation became more divided with every election. The American people became increasingly angry. In 2016, a totally unqualified con artist took advantage of the situation. His rhetoric was filled with lies and promises he never intended to keep. His pathetic rallies were filled with anger, hatred, and encouragement of violent actions against Donald Trump’s detractors.

Knowing that they had a national voice, hate groups felt emboldened. They came out of the shadows and within months hate crimes in America rose by 800 percent.

Mo is an idiot. His lies are vicious, and the people of Alabama should remove him from office in November. Here are the facts about the greatest danger to the American people.

A 2015 survey of law-enforcement agencies conducted by the Police Executive Research Forum and the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security found that the police rate anti-government extremists as a greater threat than reactionary Islamists.

The murders in Las Vegas were committed by a white terrorist. The slaughter of churchgoers in a small Texas town were committed by a white terrorist. Both men were white Americans who legally purchased their military assault rifles.

As for left wing or right wing terrorism, statistics prove that right wing supporters of unlimited gun sales and white supremacy are six times more likely to wage an attack on their fellow Americans. Radical Muslim extremists are one of the least likely groups to commit mass murder in the United States today.

Remember; Mo Brooks is one of many Republicans who sought to take away your health insurance. This is what he told those who voted for this disreputable bigot.

Brooks told the people of Alabama to stay healthy, and that “they should live good.” Really?

Remember, you pay for his health insurance; but he believes that you shouldn’t have your own.

Finally, Mo doesn’t want you to know the truth. Republicans have failed to serve the American people for 25 years. Before Trump received the party’s nomination, the majority of GOP politicians denounced Trump for his lack of experience, his immoral nature, and his devotion to racism. Today, they all bow before their fuhrer; the term is hypocrisy. This is a serious mistake for true Americans. Republicans do not deserve to continue their lives of luxury and privilege at taxpayer expense. The 43 members of the House who chose not to run for reelection this year, including Paul Ryan, saw the ‘handwriting on the wall.’

Please use your weapon; your vote; in November. This country belongs to us; politicians are the enemy. They choose to rule over us and not to serve our needs and wishes. Let’s send them a serious message. Thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of repmobrooks

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