Delousing the White House: A Beginning

Bannon (2)Gorka

First Steve Bannon was fired; long overdue. This white nationalist, who is back at Breitbart, where he belongs, never should have been part of the White House staff. Only Americans should be allowed to cross the threshold of our nation’s most revered residence.

Yesterday a member of a Nazi organization suddenly resigned; Sebastian Gorka. No one ever understood his role in Trump’s circle of sinners, but he often spoke in defense of your illegitimate president. He was also a close associate of Steve Bannon. Together they influenced Trump’s support of national populism; a movement focused on the destruction of big government.

Let’s offer the truth right now; Trump surrounded himself with white supremacists, and continues to do so. Stephen Miller is another Breitbart supporter, and a Bannon ally. Trump has now nominated Sam Clovis for the top science position in the Department of Agriculture. He is another confirmed bigot. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General, most likely has a hooded white robe in his closet. Robert Mercer, Trump’s chief financial supporter, is also Breitbart’s primary supporter.

It is assumed that John Kelly is behind the firing of Bannon and the resignation of Gorka. Will his efforts to delouse the White House continue? Will Miller be the next to go, or maybe Jeff Sessions?

With the exception of the mainstream media, most honest Americans have known that Trump was a white supremacist long before the election. Three events in a single week have confirmed this fact to the world. Trump’s defense of neo-Nazis after the tragedy in Charlottesville; his decision to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio; and the nomination of Sam Clovis have proven what most of us already knew.

The fact is that Trump must go. He is the leader of the white supremacist movement in America. To kill a snake, you must cut off its head.

If you saw the highlights of Trump’s “rally” in Phoenix, you witnessed a single black man sitting behind Trump, enthusiastically waving signs suggesting that African Americans support Donald Trump. This gentleman calls himself “Mike, the black guy.” His appearance at Trump’s rallies, and those of other Republican candidates, is available for purchase.

When pictures are released of Trump’s cabinet and other close advisers, they are the whitest photos in history. And don’t suggest that Ben Carson is a black man; he is whiter than everyone else in the room.

A final note; don’t suspect for a single minute that Bannon and Gorka’s departures signify the end of their relationship with Trump. I have no doubt that he has their cell numbers on speed dial.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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