I Was Right on November 9th: I’m Still Right


Immediately after election night I offered the reasons why Trump was gifted the presidency. There were three pieces to the puzzle, and they were obvious to me.

First I blamed the mainstream media. They gave Trump free campaign advertising by broadcasting his rallies five times the coverage of all other candidates combined. They gave Trump a free ride; failing to expose his criminal actions, and his lack of moral fiber. They virtually ignored the fact that he was accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women; but of course Trump was a dirty old white man, not Bill Cosby. Finally, they held Hillary to unrealistic standards. She served our nation’s people for all of her adult life, and not to praise her for her service, and instead focus on the fact that she used a private e-mail server was ludicrous and completely unfair.

The second reason has now been proven by all of our nation’s security services. Russian President Vladimir Putin intervened in our election in an attempt to sway the result in Trump’s direction. But these same security services have not exposed the entire truth. The joint effort by Putin and Trump began in 2011. Trump became a Russian asset, and a plan to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House began. A part of Putin’s plan was retaliation for Hillary’s expose of the fact that the former strong man of the KGB had won his election in 2011 by cheating. The other reason was his fear of a qualified and knowledgeable president who would not back down from Putin’s attempt to bully the United States. Trump is nothing more than a Putin lackey.

Lastly, the announcement of FBI Director James Comey that he was reopening the investigation into Hillary’s use of private e-mails just eleven days before the election. The timing was critical, and there is no doubt in my mind that he planned the un-precidented event. Prior to Comey’s announcement, Hillary had an insurmountable lead in all major polls. The following day Hillary’s lead had all but disappeared.

The “experts” offered many statistical reasons why Trump was victorious, but they were merely smokescreens. The truth has come forward, as it always does; eventually. Unfortunately, I do not have the enormous access to the public enjoyed by our failed media.

Trump is not in denial regarding Putin’s involvement; he’s faking it. He knew this would happen more than five years ago. Together they manipulated the Electoral College. Hillary is the people’s president; winning by nearly three million votes. Trump received a gift.


By James Turnage

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