Abbott up for Reelection in 2022: Could his Failures Turn Texas into a Blue State?

In 2008 Beto O’Rourke barely lost to the worst senator in Washington, Ted Cruz. It was reported on Sunday that he is seriously considering a run for governor in 2022 to defeat Greg Abbott, who will be running for a third term.

Abbott’s failures to serve all Texans may inspire the voters of the Lone Star State to unite and remove another horrible right-wing governor. Abbott cost thousand of lives by aligning himself with Trump and refusing to take measures to defeat the coronavirus. More recently, he signed the most unconstitutional law in American history which virtually bans abortions for any reason, including rape and incest.

Ironically, Texas Democrats are more fearful of a run by celebrity, Matthew McConaughey, afraid that the anti-Abbott effort could be split between Mr. O’Rourke and the actor.

Texas has 38 electoral votes. Changing the state from red to blue would greatly challenge the chances of right-wing presidential candidates in future elections. Only California has more votes in the Electoral College with 53.

We, real Americans, can hope for change in the future. We deserve a government which represents all 331 million Americans, not just special interests.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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