Newsome is Vindicated and the Real Loser was Once Again Donald Trump

On Tuesday the attempted recall of California Governor Gavin Newsome failed miserably. Facing 42 right-wing extremists in an election which cost taxpayers nearly 300 million dollars, the governor won 66 percent of the vote.
The number of losers was actually 43, the biggest loser being the worst man in the world, Donald Trump.
The candidate who received the most votes on the right side of the aisle, Larry Elder, who initially followed Trump’s lead claiming that the election was ‘rigged’ if he lost, abandoned Trump’s lies and told his supporters to accept the results.
[Elder lost by so much, however, that he realized he didn’t want to look like the sore loser Trump is. Elder rejected Trump’s statement that the election was rigged and asked his supporters to be “gracious in defeat.” This is something Trump is literally incapable of doing.]
One by one, Trump’s supporters are deserting him. For those who continue to kiss his humongous derriere, they are risking their political future, as proven by the 2020 election. Lies are always exposed over time, and Trump’s lies number in the range of many thousands. Not once in his life has he told the truth.
This has become the new right-wing strategy: claim that the election was rigged long before it happens. The truth is that fake Republicans are the enemy of the working class, and they will continue to lose elections in the future. For 40 years they fooled millions of Americans, but after Trump’s huge loss, and failure by those who call themselves Republicans to serve the needs and wishes of the majority, the truth has been exposed.
Have no illusions about the facts, our country is engaged in a second Civil War. Real Americans are challenged by Trump’s fascist army who refuse to believe that doing something for someone else to protect their health and their lives is un-American. They are self-serving men and women who hate America and what it stands for.
Please vote in every election. Only those of us who love our country can save it.
Op-ed by James Turnage
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