If I have Learned one Thing over the Last Five Years, is I Am Right: If there is a God, He or She F**ked Up One Time: He or She Created Human Beings 

Many things in our world are misnamed. I believe that the creatures who live in our forests and oceans should be called “God’s creations,” and human beings “animals.”
My pride in my country and my loyalty to it has always been based on my love of and my respect for my fellow Americans, not for the most corrupt government in the world. This has changed. It began in June of 2015 when Trump declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination and continues today. I now know that millions of Americans are traitors to my country while remaining loyal to the first illegitimate president who was not an American.
Trump’s cult is a group of selfish, bigoted, men and women. They have no concern for their fellow man. Their displays of hatred and penchant for violence are disgusting and totally foreign to the principles and ideals of America.
If you asked most people what the most devasting and sad day in American history was, 10 out of 10 would likely say “9/11.” Although I shed tears once again last Saturday on the 20-year remembrance of this cowardly attack on innocent Americans, two other days in our history were far more destructive than that day in September of 2001.
First was January 20, 2017. I knew Trump would be a danger to our nation, but I, and everyone else, had no idea how horrible his illegitimate presidency would be. He has divided our nation along the lines of the events which occurred in the 1860’s, and I believe this is irreparable. He is directly responsible for tens-of-thousands of lives related to his failure to lead the battle against Covid-19. However, one other tragedy in our nation surpassed Trump’s four years of complete failure.
On January 6, 2021, a sitting president organized a coup dedicated to stopping our most important democratic process, our elections. This failed insurrection was treason in its purest form, and Trump literally “got away with it.”
I curse our government, the FBI, and our military leaders for refusing to arrest him and place him in a federal prison. This was the most heinous crime ever committed in our country. He proved on that day that his lifelong hero was Adolf Hitler, and those who rioted for him are not patriots: they too are traitors.
I hate how I feel about the millions of people who would destroy my country. I am even sadder that a moron who is a malignant narcissist was allowed to claim the title of President of the United States. His loyalty never was and never will be to the American people.
Op-ed by James Turnage
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