An Example of why I Do Not Trust all Republicans and Some Democrats: Hint: They’re Stupid 

Continuing to fight an unwinnable war for 20 years is stupid. The loss of thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars with no plan for an end is stupid. Lying to informed Americans about “success” in Afghanistan is stupid. Bringing our military home is courageous and the right thing to do.
President Biden continues to receive unjust criticism from failed Republican politicians and members of his own party. They are obviously ignorant and unwilling to admit that not leaving Afghanistan after our military failed to kill or capture Osama bin Laden was poor judgment by the Pentagon and our leaders in Washington.
The war in Afghanistan continued during the presidencies, of Bush 43, Obama, and Trump. Only President Biden had the courage to end another failure. The United States has not won a war in the last 76 years, after the end of WWII.
The one fact denied by all of Biden’s dissenters is that when Trump reduced the number of troops in Afghanistan to 2,400 in 2020, this number was too small to continue the fight and preventing the Taliban from overrunning and controlling major cities.
What is most important is a question: “why did we remain in a war we were obviously losing for two decades?” The Russians learned their lesson after 10 years. Are their generals smarter than our military leaders?
Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat from New Jersey, is a critic of the withdrawal. He is known in Washington as a “hawk” who would keep our country in wars without end. He is aligned with Trump who said multiple times, “I love wars, even nuclear.”
On a personal note, I believe America must cease waging wars in foreign lands, period. No one can explain to me why we were in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or why we remained in Afghanistan after failing to capture or kill bin Laden. I don’t think any of our leaders could answer my questions.
Op-ed by James Turnage
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