Yes, My Friends, Choosing to be Stupid can Kill You

I doubt that you have heard the name, “Veronica Wolski.” Unless you are a member of her cult, “Q’Anon,” you probably don’t care. Many do know her as an adamant anti-vaxxer, who was very proud that she refused to wear a mask in public.
Several weeks ago, she was admitted to Amita Resurrection Hospital in Chicago after testing positive with Covid-19. This morning Wolski died in the hospital’s intensive care ward.
In non-life-threatening situations, it is acceptable to be a doubter, or deny a statement until you have investigated it for yourself. However, when scientists who spend their entire lives studying infectious diseases offer you facts about a pandemic, and tell you about methods which could prevent or lessen the severity of the virus, you must listen. You must NOT listen to a former illegitimate president who knows nothing about anything, or television networks whose purpose is to divide and destroy our nation, Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists, or groups such as Q’Anon whose goal is to destroy democracy and replace it with fascism.
A couple of days ago I learned that several of my relatives were diagnosed with Covid-19. Fortunately, they are all doing well today. They had all been vaccinated. One of our cousins is fighting cancer, and although he remains in the hospital, he is only there for observation. He is doing just fine.
I consider myself a man with slightly above average intelligence. However, there are many men and women in multiple professions with far greater intellects than me, and have spent years of their lives gaining knowledge about their chose professions. I listen to them because choosing ignorance is a sin; a sin committed by Wolski which cannot be forgiven in a confessional.
How many others did she infect?
Op-ed by James Turnage
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