The Ultimate White Supremacist is Controlling the GOP Agenda for 2022: The Second Civil War Continues

He’s ugly inside and out, and is the leading proponent of the destruction of our government and replacing it with fascism based on his support and belief in “white power.” His name is Steve Bannon.
Instead of focusing on our country’s future, and finding ways to ‘make points’ with their constituents by passing legislation which would serve all Americans, their focus remains on voter suppression, knowing that a large voter turnout prevents right-wing candidates from winning elections. 2020 proved that record voter turnouts will always result in Democratic victories.
Republican politicians and pundits are taking preemptive action, claiming that any fake Republicans who lose elections in 2022 will be victims of voter fraud. Yeah, right! And Tump was an American president.
Bannon continues to support Trump’s biggest lie, that he won the 2020 election. Sadly, it’s working. Republican supporters have been brainwashed, or choose to believe lies rather than undeniable facts. You can see from this why Republicans favor uninformed and poorly-educated voters: Trump’s people.
The truth is that voters who call themselves “Republicans” are just plain stupid. The Party of Lincoln: the once Grand Old Party, died with the nomination of Trump in July of 2016. On January 6, 2021, it was confirmed that “Republican” is simply a label. Their party is extinct. This group in Washington today is composed of extremists and the reason our government is dysfunctional. The “Trump Party” is the enemy of the American people.
Bannon’s podcast touches on baseless complaints about Biden’s decision to withdraw our forces from Afghanistan and other conspiracy theories, but the focus is on the GOP’s fallacious claims of past and future voter fraud. Can you say, “poor losers?”
The question is, “will their lack of support for real issues cost them seat in congress in 2022?” Will Democrats hold their lead in the House, and increase their advantage in the Senate?
Voter turnout will once again decide the outcome, and that means your vote will count. Please go to the polls and save your country’s future.
Op-ed by James Turnage
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