Manchin is Lying to the People of West Virginia, and to our Nation: What Game is he Playing and Why

Joe Manchin has proven that he is not a Democrat over the last seven+ months and that he is not telling the truth to the American people about his refusal to vote for the needs and wishes of the majority.
The Senator from West Virginia voted against voting rights, aid for Americans struggling to recover from the disaster of Trump’s Covid-19 failure, and now an infrastructure bill which would provide much needed relief for many Americans, including the creation of thousands of good-paying jobs. Why does he hate the American people?
We cannot be 100 percent positive, but we know that Manchin has been lying about his reasons for voting against the majority.
[MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan recently unearthed a clip in which Manchin endorsed, all on his lonesome, an appropriately robust infrastructure investment—up to $4 trillion. And strangely enough, at the time, he wasn’t worried about inflation so much as the significant opportunity costs of not passing meaningful infrastructure legislation.]
[HASAN: “According to Axios, Manchin is privately telling the White House he might only back as little as $1 trillion in spending. Manchin will tell whoever’s listening that he’s worried about debt and deficits. But, hey, Joe Manchin, this you?”
MANCHIN (CLIP): “The most important thing, do … big infrastructure. Spend $2, $3, $4 trillion over a 10-year period on infrastructure. You want to put everybody back to work? There’s a lot of people that lost their jobs, but those jobs aren’t coming back. They need a place to work and make a living. Every state can start an infrastructure program.”
HASAN: “What a difference eight months can make.”]
How will Manchin justify his refusal to vote for bills which will positively affect the people of West Virginia, one of the poorest states in the union?
How will he explain that coal mining jobs will be non-existent in a very short period of time, and green jobs pay well and will be in abundance over the next decade?
How will he justify f**king over his state’s people to increase his personal wealth?
Manchin is a modern day Benedict Arnold, and must be replaced in the Senate by a real Democrat or Independent. Voting with today’s Republicans in Name only is tantamount to treason.
Op-ed by James Turnage
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