For the Last 40 Years the Republican Party in Name Only has been the Greatest Threat to the Future of the United States of America

20 years ago today, a radical group of fake Muslims attacked our country and murdered nearly 3,000 innocent people. It wasn’t a foreign nation who invaded our shores and committed an act of unspeakable cowardice.
Like most Americans, I will never forget where I was and what I was doing on that morning, just like I will never forget the day President John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas. However, as a political writer who promises to keep my readers informed, and to always tell the truth, I continue to believe that the tragic events of 9/11 could have been prevented if the man in the White House was competent and trusted his security advisers.
I never believed that there could be another attack similar to 9/11. Our failed politicians overreacted and created unconstitutional laws and rules based on the misnamed Patriot Act. Right-wing extremists used one disastrous day in our history to advance their support for plutocracy, and eventually a fascist regime replacing our democratic government.
FBI Director Christopher Wray declared “domestic terrorism” as the greatest danger to the American people. He was primarily speaking about mass shootings which outnumber days on the calendar. However, more sinister and clandestine efforts by the former GOP have been attacking our nation’s people for more than 40 years.
First and foremost, we must discuss voting rights. Over the last four decades, Democrats and Independents have campaigned to increase the number of voters participating in our elections. The right-wing continues their attempts to suppress voting rights and reduce voter participation. The real reason?
First and foremost, fake Republicans support the Electoral College. I believe it is unconstitutional because it eliminates and voids the ballots of millions of Americans each election year. The EC gives states power over the results of our presidential elections.
Second, if the popular vote decided who would be in the White House for the next four years, not a single Republican would have lived in our most sacred public housing since 1993. They are desperate to discourage or prevent a large voter turnout.
Look at the 2020 election. A record voter turnout gave President Biden victory by seven million votes.
Income inequality is destroying the working class. It began with Ronald Reagan who declared war on most Americans in 1981. Reagan was the first right-wing president to place the wealthy, special interests, ahead of the majority. Fair taxation is a thing from the past.788 billionaires and 20.27 million millionaires control our nation’s future today. “U.S billionaires have seen their wealth surge $1.8 trillion during the pandemic, their collective fortune skyrocketing by nearly two-thirds (62 percent) from just short of $3 trillion at the start of the COVID crisis on March 18, 2020, to $4.8 trillion on August 17, 2021, according to a report from Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) and the Institute for Policy Studies Program on Inequality (IPS).”
Obviously, it’s getting worse.
Right-wing politicians protect the rights of gun owners and ignore the safety of 90 percent of Americans who choose not to own weapons of mass destruction.
These fake Republicans have aligned themselves with a group of fake Christians calling themselves the “Christian Religious Right.” They have obviously never read the Constitution which forbids this union. Injecting the Christian religion into our three branches of government is a violation of the Bill of Rights. Look at what happened in the SCOTUS just last week.
Right-wing politicians in Washington continue to place women in the position of second and even third-class citizens. The old, white men who claim to be Republicans continue their war on women.
These are some of the battles occurring today in what I believe is the second Civil War. And on January 6, 2021, fascist Trump supporters committed treason with an effort to violently overthrow our 2020 election. Extremists who make our laws in the same building, the Capitol, continue to support this event, and must be removed from our governing body.
Always remember, this is your country, not theirs.
Op-ed by James Turnage
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