Let’s Try to Educate One of the Most Extreme and Radical Men in Congress: Jim Jordan: (I’m not Optimistic)

For those of you who don’t know him, Jim Jordan is a member of the House of Representatives from Ohio. He is one of the most extreme members of our legislature, as evidenced by the fact that he is one of the founders of the misnamed “Freedom Caucus.” His group is so extreme, they refuse to talk to more moderate men and women on the right side of the aisle in their own party.

Another fact you need to know is that Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University in his early years. He has been accused of, and confirmed by former team members, that he turned his back as the team doctor sexually assaulted many of these young men. Yet he remains an active member of the House.

“Active” is a very non-descriptive word. He is one of the most vociferous liars in Washington whose support of Trump is an embarrassment to every other member of Congress in our nation’s history.

Jordan is currently proclaiming that he alone knows what is “American,” and what is not. I doubt that we will succeed, but let’s try to educate the seditionist.

First amendment rights are limited. No individual will be allowed to act in such a manner which endangers the health and welfare of the majority. And that’s what this is all about.

No one with any knowledge about current events can deny that the Covid-19 vaccine has been extremely successful, and has saved thousands if not millions of lives. However, right-wing politicians and Fox News are attempting to kill their own supporters by falsely claiming that the vaccine is not only ineffective, that receiving the life-saving drug is in violation of their first amendment rights. Therefore, mandatory vaccinations are an abomination. What does history tell us?

The Daily Kos: “If your child goes to school, vaccinations are mandated so that your child does not spread pestilence and death to every other family in town.

“If your child goes to college, vaccinations are mandated again and for the same reasons.

“If you want to leave the country, many vaccinations are required—or you’re not going to be getting off the plane after your flight.

“If you join the military, you will be assembly-line vaccinated against a long string of diseases or be placed outside the front gates and invited to walk home.

“Individual employers—most notably, medical providers—can mandate vaccinations as a condition of employment because, again, being a gainfully employed petri dish is not an American right. Letting employers do whatever they want to employees is a patriotic American right—one that Ol’ Sweaty vigorously and sweatily supports in seemingly all other contexts.”

As the number of cases of Covid-19 were in steep decline, the Delta variant began to surge, primarily in states where the vaccine has limited support. We call them “red states,” but the truth is they are states under the domination of right-wing extremists who continue to support the worst president in history.

Men and women who call themselves “Republicans” use the law in two ways: they accept it when it benefits their position on the issues and denounce it when the law supports any opposition to their vile beliefs. They want it both ways.

Jordan is not an American and should be removed from Congress. He and his allies, including Devin Nunes, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Steve Scalise, Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks, and others must be retired asap.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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