Is the Trump Administration Purposely Extending the Spread of Covid-19?

Trump and his circle of sinners have generally ignored the WHO and the CDC about how to defeat the pandemic which has now taken the lives of nearly 220,000 Americans. Recently, they suggested mandatory masks for all passengers and operators on planes, trains, and buses. In a typical Trump administration policy of failure, Mike Pence vetoed the regulation.

“Friday evening brought a fresh reminder of that fact as The New York Times reported that in September the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prepared a response to rising cases of COVID-19 across the nation, and to fresh evidence that the virus is particularly dangerous inside the kind of tight quarters involved in most forms of transportation. That order would have required both passengers and crew on planes, buses, and trains across the nation to wear masks. Right now, both the rules and the enforcement are left to individual localities or companies, resulting in frequent arguments, delays that endanger an already fragile transportation system, and Republican politicians smugly baring their faces mid-flight.”

But even though the mask mandate was limited to transportation, and had the support of not just the CDC but other experts on the Coronavirus Task Force, “Mike Pence, declined to even discuss it.”

Are they trying to kill more people? Masks have proven to be a successful deterrent to the spread of Covid-19. I don’t like wearing a mask nearly everywhere when I’m away from my home, but if one life can be saved, it’s worth it. I don’t understand the resistance to “doing the right thing.” Are the American people that arrogant and ignorant? What the hell is wrong with my country. Is this more of the “Trump Effect?” That’s the only logical answer.

I will close this by saying one thing: “wear the goddamn mask:” do the right thing.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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