Desperation is Creating Chaos within the Right-Wing

Trump is fuming. Graham is scared. Moscow Mitch is lost and confused. This is what’s happening to the right-wing because they decided to place all their hopes on Trump and his cult.

A very sad side effect of the coronavirus is the fact that Trump and his failed party have been exposed. Refusing to criticize Trump for his failure to address the coming pandemic in a timely manner exposed the entire Trump Party as cowards and hypocrites. 

Over just a week we have learned where the core problem which cost nearly 220,000 Americans their lives exists: it is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and patient zero is the illegitimate President of the United States. 

The few aides who remain in the White House refer to the West Wing as a ghost town. The number of White House staff infected is unforgivable.

Moscow Mitch McConnell has refused to go to the White House: he is 78 years old and afraid of contracting the virus. Lindsey Graham, who is in the fight of his life in South Carolina with Democrat Jaime Harrison, has withdrawn from a second debate. His excuse is probably a cover-up. In the first debate, Graham was crushed by Harrison. He has refused to take a test to learn whether or not he has been infected with Covid-19. This is a violation of the rules for the debate.

Let’s be completely truthful here. Trump was initially informed about a growing health problem in China in November of 2019. In January, the possibility of a pandemic became a probability. This was an opportunity for the worst illegitimate president in history to become a leader, and likely make him the front runner for reelection in November. Instead, he once again placed the profits of the wealthy ahead of our nation’s people. More than 50,000 lives could have been saved if he had taken action immediately. His decision cost lives and probably his reelection.

Trump’s lack of intelligence resulted in his taking the wrong path, a path which has likely sealed his political fate.

Finally, here’s what Trump is afraid of if he becomes a civilian. He is nearly one-half billion dollars in debt. He is also facing multiple civil actions which could place him in jail. Could the man who lied about his personal wealth become a criminal and a pauper?

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Nancy Xu

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