While Trump Attempts to Attack Biden’s Mental Competency, he Proves that his own Brain is Severely Damaged


Whenever Trump experiences a failure, he attacks someone else in a thinly veiled effort to misdirect the truth. This is what is happening today. Trump is failing at his attempts to discredit Joe Biden, although the last three years and seven months have proven that Trump is old beyond his years and incapable of leading our nation if he chose to do so. His inability to speak coherently; mumbling basic words; the fact that he is unable to focus on a single issue for less than two minutes or make thoughtful decisions; his inability to read; and his stumbling walk down a ramp at West Point all point to mental instability more severe than Ronald Reagan’s at the end of his second term.

A new Trump ad once again contains altered video in a desperate effort to create doubts about the former vice-president’s mental acuity.

Here is an irrefutable fact. The former Chief of Staff for Homeland Security, Miles Taylor, released a blistering attack against Trump and his lack of qualifications to be our nation’s president today. He worked for Trump for two-and-one-half years, but this is what Trump tweeted today.

“Many thousands of people work for our government. With that said, a former DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE named Miles Taylor, who I do not know (never heard of him), said he left & is on the open arms Fake News circuit. Said to be a real “stiff”. They will take anyone against us!”

If you shook your head and said: “huh:” you are not alone. Two-and-and-one-half years in one of the most important positions in our nation’s government, and Trump has no idea who he is! Unforgivable and the signs of a “incompetent old fool” who is unfit for leadership at any level.

It was March of 2017 when a prestigious group of psychiatrists suggested that Trump was mentally incompetent. Republicans believed that they could use him to their advantage. However they proved themselves ignorant about the fact that Trump is a malignant narcissist who is maniacal and will do anything to prove to himself that he is mentally stable.

Finally: I am 74 years old. Trump is three weeks older than me. I can think clearly and write intelligibly. I can also read for hours at a time. Biden will be 78 just two weeks after the election. Robert Redford turned 84 today. Robert DeNiro turned 77 yesterday. Trump’s mental stability is far less sufficient than those of the three other men I just mentioned. When he speaks or tweets, Trump reveals the truth: he is a blithering idiot.

Republicans: today’s “Republicans in name only:” have protected the fool in the West Wing for nearly four years. Enough is enough. We, the people deserve an American president who is capable and a leader. If Trump would have lost the 2016 election our nation would be far better today. We would have a president who serves all 330 million Americans.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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