Many More Real Republicans Support Biden than Fake Republicans in Washington who Bow to Trump

In 2016 several prominent Republicans denounced Donald Trump’s candidacy. This year their numbers have grown dramatically. Long time influential Republicans, including George Will, General Colin Powell, and John Kasich have announced their support for the former vice-president.

Opposition groups composed of respected Republicans are raising money to produce ads attacking Trump and his fascist policies. “The Lincoln Project,” “43 Alumni for Biden,” and “Republicans Against Trump,” are adamant that Trump must not be reelected.

Tonight at the Democratic Convention, another Republican will endorse Joe Biden. She is the wife of the last true Republican in Washington, the late John McCain. Cindy McCain suffered through mean-spirited attacks against Senator McCain from Trump even after his death. When her late husband and Joe Biden were in the senate together, they were close friends although they sat on opposite sides of the aisle. They worked together for the future of our nation.

The bottom line is that informed and patriotic Americans will not accept another four years of a spoiled child defiling our White House. Allowing him to wear the label of President of the United States for the last three years and seven months has been a slap in the face to the men who preceded him, and many of them were unfit for the presidency. Trump is an “unnatural disaster.”

It is important that every eligible voter cast their ballot in one of three ways: by mail, during early voting, or at the polls on election day, November 3rd. A large turnout will not only defeat Trump, it will send a message to all future men and women who seek rule over the people they were meant to serve. “No fascists allowed” will be the new sign on the entrance to the White House.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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