“I Never Met the Man; He Seems Like a Strong Leader”

The title is a statement from Trump during the 2016 campaign. It was just one of many lies. Historical records prove that Trump met with the KGB in Moscow in 1987. At that time, Putin was a high-ranking office in the spy organization. Recently letters from Trump to Putin were revealed. In both 2005 and 2013, Trump took the Miss Universe Pageant to Moscow. Prior to the event, Putin received communications from Trump asking him to attend the exhibition of beautiful women.

The truth is, the two men have known each other for 37 years. Today, according to White House staff, Trump and Putin talk frequently on the phone. He also communicates with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.Any clear thinking American would ask why Trump shuns our closest allies and creates friendships with the leaders of nations which are in fact enemies of the United States.

The truth is that Russia is our nation’s greatest enemy today: far more threatening than Al Qaeda or ISIS. In 2016 Putin declared war on America when he interfered in our election. In February of 2019, the CIA and the DIA discovered a bounty had been offered to the Taliban in Afghanistan for the deaths American soldiers: another act of war. The FBI has confirmed that Russia is making efforts to aid Trump once again in 2020: another act of war. Today we learned that Trump and Putin colluded in 2016 to win the Electoral College. The facts are undeniable: Bill Barr cannot censor the truth this time.

How corrupt can one man: one administration be? If Trump receives a single vote on November 3rd, it’s one too many. He is not an American and cannot be allowed to seek the title of President of the United States.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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