Will Trump Refuse to Leave the White House?


Trump declined Sunday to say he would accept the results of the 2020 election, adding that he will “have to see” and claiming without evidence that mail-in voting will “rig the election.”  

Will Trump be forcibly removed from the White House? I would love to see that.

In other parts of the interview with Fox’ Chris Wallace, the subject of deaths in the U.S. related to Covid-19. Trump attempted to claim that we had the lowest mortality rate in the world. 

The Fox host, highlighting numbers from Johns Hopkins University, shot back that the United States currently has the “seventh highest mortality rate in the world” and that the European Union is currently banning American travelers.

Trump once again attempted to claim that the U.S. was testing more than anyone and this was the reason for the statistics. Really?

“I can tell you the death chart is 1,000 cases a day,” Wallace added when the president insisted he was taking the pandemic seriously.


“Excuse me, it’s all too much, it shouldn’t be one case,” Trump shot back. “It came from China, they should have never let it escape, they should have never let it out but it is what it is.”

Reality is not in Trump’s ‘playbook.’ He is losing, and losing big in nearly every poll and with every demographic. Demographics which supported him in 2016 are now in Biden’s column.

Trump was a huge mistake, and on November 3rd we can rectify that mistake. If he refuses to leave, several retired generals have already volunteered to “escort” him for the place he once called a “dump.”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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