Chris Wallace Shuts Down a Lying Donald Trump, Defying Fox News’ Devotion to your Illegitimate President

Wallace (3)

It is rare, and that is a fact. However, once in a while a legitimate journalist stands up for America on Fox News and refuses to allow Trump to tell a blatant lie.

Chris Wallace has followed in his father’s footsteps and will accept nothing but the truth.

Wallace interviewed Trump on Fox Sunday broadcast. The interview was held in the Oval Office patio. Wallace later told Fox News: “If it looked like it was hot on that patio right outside the Oval Office there – it was about 100F.”

Trump, he said, “kept saying, ‘Whose idea was this?’ Well, of course, it was the president’s idea but, as he said, he wanted to make me sweat.

“We talked about everything. We talked about Covid[-19] and the explosion of cases in this country, questions of masks, questions of testing. We also talked about politics, the polls; we have a new Fox News poll that we discussed with the president which shows him trailing. But he seemed dead certain that he’s going to beat Joe Biden in November. We also talked about that tell-all book by his niece, Mary Trump.”

The heated part of the discussion came when Trump repeated a lie, claiming that Joe Biden ‘wants to defund the police.’

Wallace points this out, saying the plan “says nothing about defunding the police.”

“Oh really? It says abolish, it says defund. Let’s go! Get me the charter, please,” Trump said, turning to speak to staff out-of-frame.

His aide brought him a copy of a ‘unity platform’ agreed to by Biden and Bernie Sanders. There was nothing in the document which mentioned abolishing law enforcement. How would Trump know? He doesn’t read.

Another issue is Trump’s claim that any state’s governor who does not use the full force of law enforcement to end lawful and peaceful protests is doing a poor job. For Trump, it’s fascism or nothing at all, as he did in Portland, Oregon.

Wallace noted that many cities have long been run by Democratic mayors.

“They’ve run them poorly,” Trump insisted. “It was always bad, but now it’s gotten totally out of control.”

I’m going to end this article very simply and with a single fact; the only fact which matters.

The majority, approximately 70 percent, of all Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement. The facts are there: black Americans have been treated differently than any other group in America. A higher percentage of black men and women are killed than whites accounting for population differences. Overall, blacks are far more likely to be abused at the hands of law enforcement than whites.

Answer this question: have you ever had to tell your child how to act in the presence of law enforcement to save their lives? If you answered “no,” you are white.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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