Mary Trump and her “Oh So Dysfunctional Family”

Mary Trump's book

Although I have not read Mary L. Trump’s entire book, yet, and although I did not find any of what I have read surprising, I am shocked at the level of dysfunction and even depravity in the pages I have read.

My wife and I grew up in post WWII America, and agree that almost everyone we knew grew up in a family which could be called dysfunctional. However, the reasons were similar. Many of our fathers had returned from a horrific war, our mothers had been recruited into jobs they had never seen or even heard of previously, food had been rationed, and there was no such word as ‘normal.’ Then, when the men returned home, everyone was expected to move into a traditional lifestyle as American businesses re-tooled and re-organized. Most of our parents never learned what “normal” might be.

However, the Trump Klan somehow existed without love for each other, embraced money over real values and principles, and intentionally raised their children to ‘crawl over the backs’ of anyone, and I mean anyone, to become successful. I have always wondered why Donny Boy was sent to a military boarding school at age 13; this explains most of it. He probably received more love and encouragement in school than he did at home.

Ms. Trump’s book is not entirely about your illegitimate president. In one part she talks about her uncle’s spawn. She was particularly focused on the controversial relationship between Ivanka and her father. Theirs was and is a strange situation. Trump often places Ivanka in places and situations which should be occupied by his third ‘trophy wife.’

The White House staff refers to Ivanka as the “princess royal.” She struts around the West Wing like it belongs to her. Although Trump ‘yes men’ claim that she is there to ‘keep control’ over the schoolyard bully, Mary Trump disagrees.

“I can’t think of one thing she’s done to show that she’s moderate or a moderating influence,” Mary Trump told The Post. She also noted that Ivanka seldom disagrees with her father.


Ms. Trump offered insight into the reasons Trump has a distorted and dark view of our country and the world. His existence was based on seeking daddy’s approval, much in the same manner Donny Jr. and Eric constantly suck-up to the man who controls their allowances.

In the Washington Post, reporters Shane Harris and Michael Kranish explain that Donald Trump’s “view of the world was shaped by his desire during childhood to avoid his father’s disapproval, according to the niece, Mary L. Trump.”

Mary Trump paints a damning picture of Fred Trump, Sr., saying that he came to envy his son’s “confidence and brazenness.”

She also describes a strained relationship between Trump and her father, Fred Jr.

“The memoir chronicles Fred, Jr.’s fruitless efforts to earn his father’s respect as an employee, and how his younger brother Donald reliably ridiculed him as a failure who spent too much time following his passion for aviation, and not enough on the family business,” according to Harris and Kranish.

As I reported previously, she claims that Donny or his father paid someone to take his SATs. This is how a man with little intelligence was able to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business College.

Ms. Trump reveals Fred Sr.’s favoritism for Donny and his displeasure with her father, Fred Jr.

Haberman reports that Fred Trump, Sr. treated Donald Trump with much more respect than he showed to Mary Trump’s father, Fred Trump, Jr. The Times reporter explains: “It has long been part of the Trump family’s lore that the eldest child of Fred Trump Sr., Fred Trump Jr., who was better known as Freddy, was the black sheep of the dynasty. Freddy Trump was a handsome, garrulous man and a heavy drinker who, after a miserable experience working for his father, left his job in real estate to pursue a passion for flying, becoming a pilot for Trans World Airlines.”

She continued: “Fred Trump Sr. could be brutal to his namesake, shouting at him once as a group of employees looked on, ‘Donald is worth ten of you,’ Ms. Trump writes.”

If you every imagined that your family was “messed up,” just be glad your last name is not ‘Trump,’ or the original ‘Drumpf.’ Donny is undoubtedly the clone of his tyrannical and depraved father.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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