‘The Life of Donald John Trump was Filled with Crimes, Scandal, and Sexual Deviance:’ Mary L. Trump Ph.D

Mary Trump's book

I have paid little attention to the many “tell-all” books about Trump and his White House. It’s not that I don’t find reason to believe that most of them are based on fact. I read so many things, I find little reason to doubt the veracity of the authors. The truth is that they basically all describe the same thing: a chaotic White House under the control of a maniacal, demonic, and unfit baby who claims to be the President of the United States. However, the latest, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” written by Mary L. Trump, Ph.D, is far more interesting because it reveals why her uncle, Donald Trump, became a sexual deviant, and a malignant narcissist.

After a New York judge cleared the way for publication of the book and preserved Ms. Trump’s right to discuss the book on television and in print, I found her credible, and her only intent appears to be the preservation of her country.

Ms. Trump describes her uncle as a ‘vicious bully’ from early on. Among other revelations of a young Donald Trump, she also alleges the former reality TV star “hired someone to take his SATs to get into the University of Pennsylvania; allowed her father, Trump’s older brother, to die alone in a hospital; ogled her in a bathing suit at Mar-a-Lago; and tried to cheat his siblings out of their share of their father’s fortune.” This could be nothing more than another story of a dysfunctional family whose passion was totally involved with amassing a family fortune with whatever means were available.

For years I claimed that Trump’s degree from Wharton is invalid, that he has been a sexual predator for his entire life, and that money is his only god. I am not surprised that Ms. Trump’s book confirms what I have long believed after years of research into the Trump Klan, without the resources of the mainstream media.

Possibly the most interesting item in the book reveals the “real Donald Trump.” It contains the interrelationships of a younger Trump family in the 1990’s and how Trump displayed his belief in parenting with his and Ivana’s children. It is a sad representation of a man who lacks emotion and compassion for anyone but himself, with the possible exclusion of his daughter, Ivanka.

One scene “describes Ivanka, then likely in her early teens, sitting on her father’s lap, while her father kisses her, pinches her cheek and watches her brothers wrestle on the floor in front of them. At one point, the then-real estate mogul kicks whichever boy is pinned on the floor.”

Could this explain why Trump refuses to support his most loyal supporters who are denied returned loyalty from Trump after he envisions them as failures when their loyalties are in question as the truth is exposed and they have lost in their many efforts to protect the worst man in the world? Is this an explanation for Trump’s obvious stupidity and paranoia?

This revelation of the “real Donald Trump” and his obsession with Invanka will continue and will explain why his sons are desperate to please their father although he has rejected them throughout their lives. “Part two” will follow, as more information from Ms. Trump’s book are revealed.

Stay tuned.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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