Mary Trump Talks about her Uncle Donald’s Obsession with Money and Lack of Empathy for Anyone or Anything Else


In Mary Trump’s new book she talks about one of the strangest families I have ever read about, and I write novels. She said that the family patriarch, a “sociopathic” grandfather, Fred Trump Sr., taught his kids to treat other people as “expendable.”

In an interview on ABC, Ms. Trump described her grandfather in a way which is eerily similar to his son, Donald, who is now defiling the American people’s most treasured residence.

“He had no empathy,” she said in an interview that aired Wednesday. “He was incredibly driven in a way that turned other people, including his children, his wife, into pawns to be used to his own ends. If somebody could be of service to him, then he would use them. If they couldn’t be, he excised them.”

Let’s stop for a minute. Does Fred’s philosophy explain the manner in which Donny Boy uses his own children? Ivanka is submissive, and is her father’s clone. Donny Boy Jr. And Eric are desperate to receive his approval; never receiving it as children. Then there’s Tiffany. His child by a second wife, Marla Maples, is of no use to him. We do not know where Barron stands in the family hierarchy, at least not yet.

Before the book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” was released on Tuesday, she faced a lawsuit from her uncle Robert. After a judge threw out the fruitless claim of “privilege,” she was free to not only release the book, but also appear on television to discuss it.

George Stephanopoulos asked Ms. Trump why she visited the White House in 2017. She began to discuss the family “business” and how she and her father were cheated after Fred Sr. passed.

“I’m a Trump. Everything’s about money in this family, but I’m also different from them, and for me, what I understood and one of the reasons it was so devastating, was that money stood in for everything else. It was literally the only currency the family trafficked in,” she said.

Mary Trump's book

She discussed a complete lack of empathy within the Trump Klan. When her father, Fred Jr., was dying in the hospital, neither Fred Sr. nor his wife, Mary Anne, went to the hospital. Mary was informed by her grandfather that her father had ‘been hospitalized’ but it wasn’t serious. She learned two minutes later that Fred Jr. had lost his life two hours previously from her mother.

“I will never know why they didn’t go to the hospital to be with their son — who was clearly dying,” she said of her father. “So, maybe it isn’t surprising that Donald didn’t think he needed to be there. Maybe that would have looked bad to his father and maybe, sitting around waiting for the phone call was too burdensome — I don’t know. But, you know, I’ve often wondered what movie did he go see that seemed more compelling than sitting with his dying brother.”

Ms. Trump had one more revelation which did not surprise me. She claims a man named Joe Shapiro allegedly took President Trump’s SATs for him. Fred Sr. bought deferments for Trump, keeping him out of the Vietnam War, and I have no doubt that he also purchased his degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton College of Business.

Before Trump was gifted the Electoral College with the assistance of Vladimir Putin and the television media, I had enormous fear about how much an illegitimate president without any experience, having a very low level of intelligence, and no sense of morality could harm our country. I greatly underestimated how much damage could be done.

Understanding more about the failings of the Trump Klan; its lack of normalcy by any standards; is becoming a story I doubt I could ever have imagined.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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