Trump is a White Supremacist; Pence is a White Supremacist; Stephen Miller is a White Supremacist; Betsy DeVos is a White Supremacist; More?

Trump as Hitler

I told my wife yesterday that most days I feel obligated to report on the latest of Trump’s crimes against America although I find it disgusting and unsettling. Every day I am forced to admit that our country is the most ignorant in the world. Millions of Americans continue to support someone who is less than a man, not an American, and lies constantly about our nation and the majority of our nation’s people who oppose him. I find it unpleasant and sometimes revolting that I feel compelled to report the facts to Americans who might care about our nation’s future, and millions who do not.

The coronavirus has revealed more about the lack of intelligence, leadership, and integrity of many of our nation’s people than I could ever imagined. They care little about their families and friends. Like Trump they are self-centered, ignorant, and arrogant.

Sadly, it goes much further than simple arrogance and self-importance. Support for Trump is rooted in a need to feel superior which is the result of a severe inferiority complex. Racism and bigotry have no basis in reality: they are the result of extreme ignorance resulting from deep-seeded psychological problems. White supremacy is a result of extreme psychotic dissociation with reality. This defines the members of Trump’s cult and his failed, hypocritical party

After the illegitimate election of 2016, as Trump began to choose his closest advisers, he demonstrated his support for white supremacy in America.

Reince Priebus was not a choice made by Trump as his Chief of Staff. This was a homage to the Republican Party who surrendered their principles and nominated the most immoral and unqualified man in history as their choice for the Presidency of the United States of America.

His next two choices were a guarantee and promise to the most extremist right wing fascist groups in our nation. His chief policy adviser would be Steve Bannon. Bannon had been the Chief of ‘Breitbart,’ one of the leaders of white supremacy in America and a proponent of fascism.

His second choice was Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions. He was nominated to be the first Attorney General under Trump’s treasonous regime. Sessions had been rejected as a nominee for a federal judgeship 30 years previously based on his extremist racist policies and beliefs.


As he added more members to his circle of sinners we learned that most of his choices were like-minded members of the white supremacy movement in America. Trump was enforcing the beliefs of his handler, Vladimir Putin.

Over the first half of 2020 Trump confirmed his hatred for America’s growing diverse population. After he failed to lead our nation in the fight against the coronavirus, he attacked the protesters who supported the Black Lives Matter movement, calling them “thugs and criminals.”

His party supported him and denied the fact that black Americans have been treated unfairly for the last 401 years when the first slaves sat foot on the “new world.”

America has made efforts over the last 244 years to become a great nation, but without serious efforts to end racism based on belief in white supremacy, that will never happen.

The United States was founded on the acceptance and value of immigrants. Immigrants brought diversity to America and this fact is the reason why we are unique and have the opportunity to be the greatest nation in the world.

However, as long as Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnel have the power to set policy in America, we will continue to fall behind the rest of developed nations.

November 3, 2020 is a day of revolution. The American people will choose democracy and support for the Constitution or the plans of Donald Trump to end the dream of our founding fathers. Your vote will decide the future of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage

My eight novels, including “A Little Murder in the Biggest Little City,” are available on Amazon’s free Kindle app

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