Mary Trump wants you to Know the “Real Donald Trump;” Hint; You won’t like Him

Mary Trump's book

The most important thing in my world will be watching Trump walk out of the White House for the last time. What I have learned about him over the last two decades is disturbing to say the least. However, I have always had unanswered questions.

This week a new ‘tell-all’ book about the orange baby in the White House will be released. The author is Trump’s niece, Mary Trump. The title is , “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

I know that the book will contain some information I have known for some time, including the fact that Daddy Fred paid for Trump’s military deferments. But there are others I have been curious about for many years after learning that Trump’s life is a tale of constant failure.

Trump has gone to extremes to hide his educational background, including SAT scores and transcripts. I continue to believe that Daddy also paid for his diploma from Wharton. Trump’s lack of knowledge of even the most basic concepts and facts prove that if he did go to Wharton, he seldom if ever attended classes.

I would love to know why Trump was shipped off to a military boarding school at the age of 13. Was he a problem child? Did he torture and kill insects or even small animals? His mental deficiencies are very interesting and I would like to know when they began and how he revealed his descent into becoming a pathological liar and a malignant narcissist.

In general, I would like to know what made Donald John Trump become the “worst man in the world?”

Baby Trump

On Monday a New York court removed a temporary restraining order preventing the release of Mary Trump’s book and her ability to discuss the document with the press.

“The court got it right in rejecting the Trump family’s effort to squelch Mary Trump’s core political speech on important issues of public concern,” said Ted Boutrous, the renowned attorney who represented Mary Trump and who has also represented CNN in the past.

“The First Amendment forbids prior restraints because they are intolerable infringements on the right to participate in democracy,” Boutrous added. “Tomorrow, the American public will be able to read Mary’s important words for themselves.”

While previous tell-all books have exposed Trump’s chaotic and disjointed West Wing, this will reveal the orange baby’s early, formative years. I am certain the facts in Ms. Trump’s book will explain many things and answer many questions.


Op-ed by James Turnage


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