In 2020 Millions of Americans have Become Whiny, Little Pussies

Dump Trump

Wear a mask. Maintain social distance in public. Stay at home whenever possible. These are the things which have been asked of the American people by the healthcare community over the last four months. They are not difficult, and definitely not a “violation of your Constitutional rights.”

Between 1941 and 1945, Americans were forced to experience food rationing, a lack of many essentials, and lives of fear and simplicity for more than four years.

Over those nearly five years, approximately 405,000 American soldiers lost their lives. As of July 12, 2020, more than 132,500 men, women, and children in America have lost their lives. This number has occurred in just four months.

America is not not the “home of the brave,” it has become a nation of wusses and self-centered babies who are unwilling to experience a little discomfort to save the lives of others. The brave men and women who fought in WWII would be ashamed of the weak and cowardly men and women who live in their nation today which they fought for so valiantly and gave their lives.

If Covid-19 lasted for four years, our nation would lose over 1,600,000 people at the current rate.

During WWII, the men, women, and children who remained at home had radio for their only entertainment. They had difficulty obtaining healthy food, and enough of it. I don’t need to list the advantages Americans have today. So, stop feeling sorry for yourselves you little pussies. Learn to be self-sufficient. You don’t need a haircut or a massage. Learn how to cook and eat at home. Stop being “ugly Americans.”

Those of you who continue to support Trump are fools and enjoy being lied to. He has been wrong about everything, and most people in states which supported him in 2016 agree. Florida’s DeSantis and other Republican governors bowed to Trump and ignored the safety of their people. If you believed they were right to open up your state’s businesses, you are too dumb to be allowed to vote.

“The majority of voters who said states opened too quickly said they think it was because of pressure from the Trump administration to reopen state economies.” This poll showed that 65-70 percent of all Americans believe this is fact.

I would like to see the American people grow up. Look at the facts and not the bullshit which continues to dribble from the White House. Trump knows and we know that this is his failure. His choice to ignore a probable medical crisis resulted in a loss of at least 50,000 lives unnecessarily.

Trump is the most poorly educated, ill-informed, and mentally deficient illegitimate president in American history. When historians write about the worst president in history who failed the greatest number of times, Trump will be chastised for his failure to learn how to perform the duties of his position. His refusal to read, or inability to do so, is at the core of every rash and failed decision made by your illegitimate president.

It’s time to grow-up, stand-up, and stop being self-centered and whiny babies. Stop listening to the obese child in the White House. Science is fact: Trump is nothing but hot air.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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