The Sad Ramblings of an Ignorant, Malignant Narcissist who Actually Brags when he Does his Job


This story comes from Trump’s latest “interview” with his biggest ass kisser, Sean Hannity. It consists primarily of Trump bragging about things he hasn’t done, and whining because people are attacking him with the truth, and nothing is more harmful to Trumpenstein than the truth.

The “interview” began with Trump’s latest TV ad when he claims that “Joe Biden wants to abolish the police.” Of course he never said that, but the truth is of no importance to the orange buffoon.

Next Trump began to complain about the “Black Lives Matter” mural currently being painted on Fifth Avenue across from Trump Tower. Of course his rant began with braggadocio. He told eight lies about how much he had done for Mayor Bill De Blasio, and they all began with “I.” Trump has not accomplished a single thing in his life without outside help.

“But I was so good to him and to Governor Cuomo, like nobody has ever been good. And all you end up doing out of that place is get prosecuted and have a lot of trouble.”

You should recognize this ‘whine’ as an attack on the Supreme Court which ruled Trump must produce financial records including tax returns to the New York Attorney General, who is investigating hush money paid to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

Then he maneuvered the conversation into an attack on the city of New York itself, claiming that “it’s not what it was; everyone’s moving to Florida.” Last year Trump changed his personal residence to south Florida. Where else would you expect an old, obese, white man to go?  A diverse and great city like New York will not miss him.

Of course the “interview” allowed Trump to move the topic into personal attacks on Joe Biden. He can’t talk about issues; issues supported by the majority of Americans and denied by Trump and his administration. He claims that Biden has been “brainwashed” by liberals, and that the former vice-president could not pass a ‘cognitive test.’

This is hilarious. Trump once again ignores the people. The majority of our nation’s people are progressive in their personal lives. He continues to display how out of touch he is with a nation of people whose average age is 38.2 years.

Next Trump slipped into a defense of his obvious lack of mental competence. He lacks the intelligence of an average five-year-old child, and proves it constantly. As usual, he added an attack on his opponent, claiming that Biden could not pass a ‘cognitive test.’ (I still enjoy watching the feeble, old, orange man nearly stumble down the ramp at West Point.)

Then came what is likely the biggest lie of all. “We are doing very well in the polls.” The truth is that 67 percent of the American people disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic crisis, and polls have Biden leading Trump by eight to 12 points nationally.

I’m bored now. The conversation rambled on and on and everything was a lie. He claimed to have huge support from blacks and Hispanics, a huge lie. He claims that ignoring Dr. Fauci’s advice about how to attack the spread of the coronavirus “saved hundreds of thousands of lives,” although our nation leads the world in cases and deaths by a large margin, and under five percent of the world’s population. One report directly blames the loss of 50,000 lives in America on the inaction of Trump for a two-and-one-half month period.

He brought up old conspiracy theories which have been disproven, and rehashed attacks on everyone who criticized him from 2015 until now. The most boring man in the world and the worst president in history. That’s what we have learned to expect from Donald John Trump. He is not an American and he is not a man. Real men accept responsibility for their own mistakes and attempt to correct them: this is not DJT.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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