How Many Acts of Corruption is the Right-Wing Willing to Allow? Does the Constitution Mean Nothing to Them?


More than a dozen of Trump’s closest associates have been indicted and convicted of crimes against America. My grandfather told me that “men are judged by the company they keep.” He was not wrong. Trump chose the most ingenuous and devious men in our nation to do his bidding in private life. They bribed officials, worked with foreign agents, and paid off women who agreed to have sex with the disgusting orange man.

As your illegitimate president, he has done the same in Washington. Stephen Miller, Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin, William Barr, Mike Pompeo, Betsy DeVos, and others are woefully unqualified for their positions. Only their loyalty to Trump has allowed them to remain in the worst and most corrupt administration in American history.

One of Trump stooges, Roger Stone, was convicted of “lying to congress to protect his illegitimate president.” Today Trump commuted Stone’s sentence as a Mafia Boss would have paid off a judge.

“Roger Stone is a victim of the Russia Hoax that the Left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency,” said Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary. “There was never any collusion between the Trump Campaign, or the Trump Administration, with Russia.”

She added, “Mr. Stone, like every American, deserves a fair trial and every opportunity to vindicate himself before the courts. The President does not wish to interfere with his efforts to do so. At this time, however, and particularly in light of the egregious facts and circumstances surrounding his unfair prosecution, arrest, and trial, the President has determined to commute his sentence. Roger Stone has already suffered greatly. He was treated very unfairly, as were many others in this case. Roger Stone is now a free man!”

Unlike Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate, Stone received a fair trial, but the law means nothing to Trump or his obedient and hypocritical party.

“Stone was convicted in November of seven charges — including lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstructing a congressional committee proceeding — as part of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Among the things he misled Congress about were his communications with Trump campaign officials — communications that prosecutors said Stone hid out of his desire to protect Trump.” This according to CNN.

Stone was scheduled for incarceration in a federal prison on Tuesday.

Trump demands loyalty but fails to return the act. Only in situations like this when he has been threatened by those who “know where the bodies are buried” does he take actions to return that loyalty.


Trump is your “Criminal-in-Chief,” and nothing else. He has failed in every duty required of a legitimate president. He ignores every crisis facing our nation. If it doesn’t involve him, he has no interest in the problem.

Although our government has a history of great corruption, I have never witnessed anything like this administration in my 74 years.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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