Call his Actions what they Are; Desperate Attempts to Protect Centuries of White Supremacy in America

Mt. Rushmore

Two actions by Trump over the last two months confirmed once in for all that he wants to repeal the first amendment, and is the proud leader of the white supremacist movement in America.

Immediately after the murder by cop of George Floyd on May 25th, protests across America began. Within days additional marches began around the world. The focus of the protests remains violence against against the black community by law enforcement; social injustice. Trump began attacking the Black Lives Matter movement within days, calling the protesters “thugs and criminals.” He later added a false claim that the marches were encouraged by “fascist liberals” to harm his efforts for reelection in November. The malignant narcissist continues to ignore the fact that 70 percent of all Americans support the BLM movement.

BLM Protests

On June 1st Trump violated the first amendment rights of hundreds of peaceful protesters in front of the White House. After a hate-filled speech in front of the television cameras, Trump marched behind a hastily assembled gestapo, composed of U.S. Military personnel and Capitol police. As he and his entourage, including Ivanka, several members of his administration and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, his gestapo, dressed in military-style riot gear, began firing rubber bullets at the protesters and hurled tear gas canisters at American citizens. The purpose? An unnecessary walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church to hold a bible in a photo op. As I watched films of this debacle I was shocked. Never before in my 74 years had I watched such an act of pure fascism by a man who claims to be an American president.

Trump's March against the first amendment

Trump Hypocrite

On the eve of the day we celebrate the creation of the United States of America, he made a mockery of the meaning of July 4th, 1776.

Prior to this year, no celebration of the 4th of July has been held at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota for fear of environmental damage to the monument honoring George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. Thes men were all great presidents and would be democrats in 2020.


Trump displayed no concern for the importance to the American people of the monument which stood above his orange head. Band music roared and fireworks exploded. When the spectacle ended, Trump began another of his many speeches inciting hatred and violence by his supporters; his cult. His rants targeted “angry mobs” of protesters who he claimed were waging a “merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes” and hellbent on “trying to tear down statues of our founders” and “deface our most sacred memorials…” Later he called these displays of their first amendment rights “totalitarianism.”

Let’s sum this story up with the truth about Trump’s hatred for the protesters.

The first slaves stepped onto the soil of the “new world” in 1619. From that day until today, white supremacy has been a serious problem ignored by millions of white men and women in our nation. They fail to see and refuse to understand the anger and disgust which remains in the hearts and souls of every man, woman, and child in the black community.

Those “sacred memorials” to our “heroes,” are monuments erected to honor leaders of the confederacy. These were men whose acts of treason were based on their “right” to own other human beings. Their motive was based on greed: free or nearly free labor.

Confederate Statue

Regardless of how much of an effort I make, I will never understand the emotions black men and women feel when the see these monuments to slavery. I can try, but raised with “white privilege” in America, I could never completely entertain the emotions of black Americans.

Every man and woman who loves this country must cease denying the fact that Trump is the leader of white supremacy in America. He is not an American president. He is a fascist whose models for leadership are Vladimir Putin, Mohammad bin Salman, Kim Jong-un, and of course the philosophies of Adolf Hitler.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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