Republicans and one of their Owners, the Christian Religious Right, Declare War on Black Women in Tennessee


Beginning with Ronald Reagan’s presidency in 1981, Republicans began waging wars on women, low-income working class Americans, all non-Christians, and black Americans. The war has escalated over the last 40 years with the aid of lobbies, including the NRA and the Christian Religious Right.

Roe v Wade was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1973. The Court confirmed that the Constitution guaranteed women the right to make decisions about their physical and mental health. Immediately after the decision, right-wing politicians, encouraged by the Christian Religious Right, began efforts to overturn the ruling of our nation’s highest court.

Today in states controlled by Republican legislators, efforts continue to prevent abortions, and therefore remove a woman’s right to care for her own body.


Recently the Court struck down an anti-abortion law in Louisiana. The battle for Constitutional rights is moving to Tennessee.

The Republican legislature passed a “six-week law:” no abortions are allowed after a pregnancy had been established and the fetus reached its sixth month of life. Most women are unsure that a pregnancy exists during that short period of time, and are refused an opportunity to make a life-altering decision. This would add a greater burden to black women who have little or no regular healthcare.

Women, all women, continue to fight for their Constitutional rights which guarantee equal treatment under the law regardless of sex, race, or religious affiliation. But old, white right-wing extremist men deny women equal rights and continue to treat them as second, or even third-class citizens.

What continues to be ignored is a fundamental guarantee by the first amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” are the first words in the first amendment. The entire Republican Party violates these words every day by bowing to the CRR. They are allowing the beliefs of a single religion to control the content of our nation’s laws.

The truth is that the primary reason our founding fathers left England was King George III decision to establish the Anglican Church as the only true religion of the British Empire. Few of our founding fathers were ‘Christians;’ most were Deists. Deists believe that some supernatural being created the heavens and earth, but that he or she is likely dead. However, if this being continues to exist, he or she has no interest in the daily lives of humans, and has no contact with them.

Finally, I am one of nearly 70 million Americans who reject organized religion, and our numbers continue to grow. More significantly, the largest growing religion in America is the Religion of Islam: younger Americans are not choosing Christianity. The average age of all Americans is 38.2 years of age. Add two and two together, and it is obvious that Christianity is in decline in the United States.


Hundreds of fake-Christians will lose their lives of luxury when their current congregation dies off. Using political advantage, they are desperate to retain their current flock.

According to the Constitution, women have rights. With the exception of freedom to practice a religion of choice or none at all, religions have no other Constitutional rights.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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